she got a makeover…

For those who are looking for Things I’ll Never Say, let me explain.

I had originally created this blog to serve as a coping mechanism for a difficult transition in my life. It was intended to be used as an outlet, or as a “person” to talk to when I couldn’t find the words to say. This blog helped me immensely through the lowest point of my life and I’m forever grateful for discovering this media to work through my issues.

However, I would often forget that I had this outlet more than I intended and when I would use it, it was for the wrong reasons. It turned into me just venting and complaining about mundane issues that no one really cared about other than myself. Sure, they might have been “relatable”, but I didn’t want to be referred to as the “girl who just bitches on WordPress.”

I mentioned in the last post on TINS that 2016 was a weird limbo year for me. I had no growth, but no fallbacks either. The year itself was just lackluster and when I reflected on it, it made me incredibly disappointed in myself that I just rolled with the waves and didn’t try to fight the current.

I created far too many excuses to not do what I love, which is to write. About myself, because I’m absolutely conceited and vain. By no means do I think I’m God’s gift to the earth, but as a member of millennial society, I like to make things about myself, and moreso give things more barring in terms of my growth as an adult.

Hence, why this site is getting a makeover into a lifestyle blog.

In the upcoming year, I want to take this site more seriously and really tap into all aspects of my life. That might include fitness, beauty, product reviews (Hi, this whole revamp was actually inspired by Influenster), and just all things relatable to life as an aspiring sharer of content.

For those who have been there since TINS origin, I cannot thank you enough for the love and support.

I’m still hammering out the plans and inspo for this blog and ask for all of your patience with the transition. I hope to hit the ground running by the new year with a few pieces.

Until then, happy holidays and season’s greetings to you all.



happy holidays

may your days be merry & bright

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28. writer. obsessed with makeup, traveling, nyr and sparkle.
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