kickstarting a fitness journey


img_1456“Rule No. 1: Start now, not tomorrow.”

Everyone, myself included, always makes a pact to lose weight and to get healthy in the new year. I’d be lying if I told you that getting acclimated to a fitness program wasn’t at the top of my list of resolutions. You can see the full list of my resolutions here.

This year, I’ll be attempting a second take at completing a 12-week beginner workout program that you can follow along with below. I started this program last year and really noticed my body getting stronger and leaner, loving the results so much that I want to take a second crack at it.

With my first weigh-in this morning, I realize that what I thought would be already difficult journey just got harder with an added ten pounds I didn’t realize I gained over the holiday season…


I found this beginner’s plan on Pinterest. Follow my workout regime board to see which workouts I’ll be doing daily!

The most exciting part about working out is finding new workouts to complete. For me, I plan my workouts the day of, corresponding with this chart. I’m a member at Planet Fitness and make it a part of my to-do list to go there for at least an hour.

So for example, say Monday is a Core day, what I’ll do is hop onto Pinterest and find workouts that focus strictly on the core muscles. I’ll pick one or two full circuits and tack them onto my to-do list for that day.

For the Cardio days, I’ll switch it up between the elliptical, the stair master or the treadmill. I follow the chart religiously and try to push myself as hard as I can. If you want to follow my daily fitness regime, give me a follow on Pinterest!

But first and foremost, I believe an old fashion detox will help clear my body out of all the gunk and mess I’ve put in it. To be honest, I don’t believe in gimmicks, pills or wraps and I never will. However, I have used a product in the past that worked for me and I highly recommend Tiny Tea.


Tiny Tea, created by Your Tea, is a natural tea detox that helps clean out your digestive system. Not only does it help gently clean you out, but it also helps with problematic skin and PMS! You drink the tea plain three times a day, preferably before meals, as it helps aid in digestion and bloating. It sounds like a gimmick, but after using half of the 14-day system before, I noticed immediate results and want to see what a full course will do!


Another way to keep myself accountable in reaching this fitness journey is by using a rewards system for milestones. Case in point, this workout calendar and my daily workout calendar.


For each goal I’ll meet at the end of the month, which say is losing and maintaining to keep off five pounds, or running for six minutes straight, I’ll reward myself with something small, like maybe a new workout shirt or a new water bottle. This way, I’m working towards something and will feel more satisfied when purchasing it, knowing I worked for it.

As for the weight loss goal calendar, it’s meant to keep track of the big numbers. Since I’ll only be weighing myself once a week and recording it here once a month, I want to be able to see the numbers drop. I have it tucked conveniently in my Lilly Pulitzer agenda (which I breakdown how I organize here). I filled in my first weigh-in this year and I have set myself a short-term goal of 40 pounds for the calendar year.

Now, 40 pounds doesn’t seem like much, or maybe it does. The biggest gripe I have with losing weight is the strictly clean eating. I live at home and sometimes it’s hard to turn away a home cooked meal made by my grandmother every night and I certainly don’t want to insult her by buying/cooking my own food.

Instead of completely overhauling my diet, my plan is to simply moderate the portions I eat and add in as many clean options as I can. Since I sit at a desk all day, I find myself grazing more than just eating three large meals. Instead of stocking my desk with candy and cookies, I’ll opt for healthier alternatives to keep stored away.

But in order to keep myself accountable for what I’m eating, I utilize My Fitness Pal. It’s a free daily calorie and exercise tracker. There are several other trackers you can use, but I’ve always preferred MFP. It syncs with my Apple Watch and it also links up with my FitBit scale, which subtracts the math behind losing weight. Be sure to follow me here to see the journey!

Be sure to stay tuned for quarterly reviews!

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