update; getting into routines

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” – Mike Murdock

Hey everyone!

I swear this blog hasn’t been pushed to the wayside just yet! I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted last, but that’s with good explanation. My intentions with this blog was to post at least once a week with various lifestyle topics, but sometimes that thing called life gets in the way.

My resolutions have actually been the reason for my negligence. I’ve been hard at work at the gym and have even recruited a friend on my workout journey! I’m happy to update that I’ve lost roughly eight pounds since my initial weigh-in, but there’s still plenty of work that has to be done.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and Ryan and I will be able to spend the day together, with half thoughts of not being able to due to work and events. Even though it’s roughly 18 hours together, we’ll still be able to exchange gifts and spend some time with our friends. (But don’t worry! We’re planning a weekend in Boston at the end of the month as the halfway point between both of our birthdays.)

Making excuses was one of the top things on my list of resolutions to change, but sometimes life is about learning to get into routines to optimize your productivity. For me, if I don’t start my day with making a To-Do list, that day is completely wasted.

Every morning, I brainstorm some things that I must do throughout the day, everything down to planning an outfit to spending some downtime reading. I use my iCloud Reminders to make a list, starting with things that I can easily do while at work.

To start, if it’s a workout day, I’ll plan my workouts by heading to Pinterest. If you’ve been following my fitness journey, then you’ll know that certain days call for certain workouts. I’ll spend roughly 10 minutes picking workouts that comply with the schedule, feeling successful for knocking one thing off my list.

I’ll follow up my “Plan Workout” item with a “Go to gym” item on the To-Do List. I utilize the description box to put in the workout schedule for that day, which always includes a warm-up, the workout itself, a cool-down and time to stretch.

From there, a loose idea of my To-Do List includes things like my French lesson on Duolingo, filling out creativity/gratitude journals and planning outfits for the next day. What’s more important than putting it on my To-Do list is allotting specific time to do each item. If I’m working on my blog, I try to allot an hour a day, even if it’s not all at once. I try to set mini goals for myself while reading, roughly 30 pages a day, and will try and push myself to exceed the goal.

To-do lists aren’t for everyone, but for me, if it’s not on my list, I don’t get it done! The to-do list can feature everything as small as being sure to brush your teeth to something major like purchasing tickets to something. Plus, there’s fewer things more rewarding than seeing all the accomplishments checked off at the end of the day!

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