valentine’s day 2017

A golden rule in life: Flowers mean ‘I’m sorry’, chocolate means ‘I love you’. 

Growing up, I always hated Valentine’s Day. I hate it even more so now as an adult because I realize the commercialization of forcing those little sweethearts down your throat and being suffocated with heart-shaped everything. Even being in a serious relationship for two years, I still huff over the big deal we, as a society, make about Valentine’s Day.

You see it all over social media, about how the boy is suppose to send the girl chocolates and flowers and if he doesn’t, he’s a monster. Never do we see it the opposite way, where the girl spoils the boy. We’re too busy clogging each other’s timelines with the same flower arrangements and the same things to actually spend the day how it was intended; with the ones we love.


OOTD for some sushi and hibachi!

This year, I took an untraditional approach to the holiday, as in I didn’t post anything about Valentine’s Day. In fact, I was rarely on my phone! Ryan came in for the day, not getting in until 1:30, we spent a quiet lunch at Applebee’s and then headed to a local brewery for a flight.

After heading home and exchanging gifts for Ryan’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, we then spent some down time before heading for hibachi and sushi with a group of friends. It was a low-key night that wasn’t over bombarded with expectations and it couldn’t have been better.

We woke up the next and went about our merry ways: me to work and he back home to Boston. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend more time together, but I’m grateful for the time we did. Plus, we’re spending a weekend in Boston together for a catchall of his birthday, Valentine’s Day and my birthday in March.

Valentine’s Day is hard with a busy schedule, and even harder when you’re in a long distance relationship. For most people, it’s just another day on the calendar, but to others it’s a make or break in a relationship. Last year, I wanted to go above and beyond with a gift for Ryan, but fell short with my theme of “Five Senses”. This year, I decided against a theme and instead just went with small odds and ends gifts, things that I know Ryan would use, like candy, a new Chicago White Sox beanie and a Taco Bell gift card.

As for what he bought me, he got me a Pandora ring that I’ve had my eye on for a while and sent an Edible Arrangement with a teddy bear and a balloon. It was a very sweet gesture and something simple for the both of us, who both are turned off by the idea of cramming V-Day celebrations down each other’s throats.
How did you guys spend Valentine’s Day? Let me know in a comment!

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