how to whiten teeth

We all aspire to have whiter teeth, but don’t want to splurge on teeth whitening kits. Luckily I have a quick, at-home remedy for you!

I first discovered this handy trick somewhere on the Internet, probably Pinterest. I especially love this trick because most people have the supplies already on hand and it takes less than five minutes to complete! I’ve tested this out multiple times and have recommended this trick to almost everyone I know in search of pearly whites.

This is by no means a permanent solution and this is what I found works well for my teeth. This does not mean it will work for everyone, so use at your own disgression.

I don’t have heavily stained teeth, but sometimes I do have one too many cups of coffee! This is good for people who don’t have very yellow teeth, but just want to feel refreshed. It’s also perfect for a quick fix on a low budget.

My best recommendation is to do for three days in a row, then proceed to do it once a week, then whenever you need a pick me up. For me, I try to aim at least once a month.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Activated charcoal capsules (I’ve been using these from Walmart, but you can find them in most digestive aid sections in grocery stores or at wellness shops, or online at retailers like Amazon.)
  • Tissues to catch excess charcoal from capsules
  • Old toothbrush
  • Cup to spit in
  • Baby wipes to clean up

Carefully open the capsules by pulling them apart and dumping the content onto an old toothbrush. There’s no sure way on how to separate the capsules, but be cautious that they don’t explode everywhere. If I’ve learned anything about using this method, it’s that activated charcoal is a pain to clean up!

Preferably use a toothbrush that you won’t mind designating as your charcoal brush once you’re done. I also find it best to lay out a tissue to catch the mess so this way it doesn’t stain your countertops! Using the tissue trick will also save some time when it comes to cleaning up, since you can just flush it or toss it in the trash.

Once the toothbrush has the charcoal on it, carefully bring the brush to your teeth and apply directly to your teeth. Brush your teeth as you normally would, focusing on wherever you have deep stains. Use the cup to catch your spit. This will help aid in the cleanup process. Continue to brush teeth as you normally would, until there is no powder remaining. I notice it helps to spit every so often because it helps to see where else youneed to focus the charcoal.

Once you spit out the remaining, brush your teeth with your normal brush and toothpaste. If you’ve ever tasted activated charcoal, it’s not that great tasting. This will help make sure that every area is clean and that taste isn’t hanging around in your mouth. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, use mouth wash as well!

Here’s the big reveal: Left is before using the charcoal method and right is after brushing with my regular toothbrush and toothpaste.

To clean up, dump the spit from your cup down the toilet and flush away. This will ensure that there’s no stains in your skin. For any splatter spots, use a baby wipe to clean up.


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