how to tackle spring cleaning

I wished I was like Snow White when I cleaned, where the little tiny adorable woodland creatures did it all for me while I sang songs and ignored responsibilities. 

Whenever I feel my life is getting out of hand or if I lose a grasp on my objectives, cleaning something always gets me grounded and anchored. With Old Man Winter finally biding its farewells, spring has sprung and I’m ready to get myself prepared for warm, sunny days ahead!

With the change of seasons, it’s a perfect time to hunker down and tackle some spring cleaning. It’s one thing we all dread doing, but once you do, it’s rewarding to cross it off your to-do list.

Since I still live at home with my parents (and grandmother!), my main objective is to tackle spring cleaning in my bedroom, which is where I spend most of my time. In this post, I’ll share with you my foolproof way to clean any space using a method I learned from my father at an early age.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cleaning supplies (depending on what your cleaning, use what’s appropriate. For me, I’ll be using a multi-surface cleaner from Pledge, a broom/dustpan, a vacuum and a roll of paper towels.)
  • Garbage bags
  • A kick-ass playlist (This is for obvious, pump-up reasons and for occasional dance party breaks.)
  • Motivation!

The best way to start is to crank up some upbeat music and focus on the game-plan ahead of you! Open the curtains and let the light shine in! Whenever I have to get something done, I find that corresponding with the right playlist gets me more motivated. Find something upbeat and cheery to get you in a good mood. Cleaning isn’t for anyone, but you might as well try to enjoy it!

What I find that works best is to start by stripping any bedding and begin doing laundry while you’re busy cleaning. Since I use flannel sheets/heated blankets in the winter, I like to swap them out for light-weighted sheets. It’s the change of seasons so I also wash my curtains and pillows. I’ll do this at least every three/four months, when I do my deep-deep cleans, while washing my bedding at least once a month for my monthly clean-up.

Once your bedding is stripped, the best way to tackle the cleaning is to start at the entry point of the room: stand in the doorway, start at your left and work clockwise until you reach the other side of the doorway, hitting each spot along the way.

If you have to, break it down into segments. A good tip is to take it corner by corner. In my room, there’s four zones: nightstand, desk/vanity, couch and TV/closet. Since the nightstand is closest to the door, I start with the area leading up to the bed, wiping down doors/walls, baseboards, sweeping the floors and furniture. Move things around so every area is touched and cleaned.

Once you’re done with a section or a corner, take a break to either switch over the laundry or grab a snack. This way, you’re still being productive while giving you a second to catch your breath and prepare for the next section. Follow the same approach for the other four corners.

When the room is “cleaned”, finish up by making your bed and freshening up. Sweep and dust thoroughly one last time. Since I like to make my area as cozy as possible, candles and fragrances are a must. I love the 3-wick candles from Bath & Body works and the corresponding wallflowers with whatever scent I pick.

This month, I pulled one from my stockpile from the holidays, Snowflakes & Citrus. It’s fresh-scented and the tangerine and lemon notes gives it a really clean smell!

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