how to organize closet

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stood in front of your fully packed closet and found nothing to wear.

We tend to gravitate towards comfort pieces, wearing the same things over and over again: Proceeding to huff and puff about never finding anything to wear.

Instead of packing a closet full of one-and-done pieces, why not start building a timeless wardrobe?

As I’ve gotten older, the biggest factor when clothes shopping has become a question I ask myself: What else can I wear this with? I’ve had my fair share of things that get buried in my closet because I don’t know how else to pair them. When shopping, I try to buy staple pieces that will build a wardrobe, something that’s practical and something that won’t fizzle out in a few months.

In this post, I’ll be discussing my foolproof way to prep your closet for the upcoming season!

First and foremost, it’s important to be completely and utterly honest with yourself! We hold onto clothes that we’ll never wear (again) because there’s some sort of significance to it, or because you spent a lot of money on it or you think you’ll lose those five pounds and squeeze yourself into it.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is deciding what to keep, what to donate/sell back and what to throw out. I know personally I struggle with parting ways with pieces because I think of options to wear them with or I’m hopelessly optimistic that I’ll fit into something from high school again. (Ha!) I hate to just throw clothes away, which is why I try to sell unused clothes to a consignment shop or donate them to Salvation Army.

The best diagram you can follow is this one below that I found on Pinterest years ago. It’s perfect because it gives you every option possible with every scenario.

So let’s break down a situation I faced while cleaning my closet for spring: I had bought a Lily Pulitzer sweater last season on clearance. I really loved the sweater and got a lot of use out of it. However, it shrunk in the wash and didn’t fit me anymore.

I held onto it for so long because I thought a) I spent a decent amount on it; b) I’ll maybe fit into it some day and c) I still loved the piece and it had a long life ahead of it.  Since it wasn’t ruined or had any stains, I used the best option of donating/selling it back to a consignment shop.

It might seem tedious, but do this with every piece in your closet. Once you get into a routine on what you’re keeping and getting rid of, the process will go quicker.

Once you have everything sorted into three piles, put back the clothes you’re keeping. Grab two garbage bags: one for the clothes you’re selling/donating back and the ones you’re throwing away. Dispose accordingly.

From there, break down how you want to sort your closet. I’m picky about how I like to organize my clothes varying on the season. During the winter months, I hang my sweaters and my heavier pieces towards the front of my closet, for easy access, while hanging the t-shirts and tanks in the back, and vice versa in the spring/summer.

How you break it down is entirely up to you. For me, I like to sort by type and then by color within said type.

Let’s take tank tops first, I’ll go from the lightest color I own, and work my way to black, following the colors of the rainbow. Then I’ll sort by t-shirts, long sleeves and then dresses in the back.

For the clothes out of season, I pack them away in a Space Bag and put them in a crawlspace in my bedroom.

What tips/ways do you organize your clothes? Let me know in a comment!

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