goal digger: may ’17

“She designed a life she loved.” 

Time to set some goals to crush!

Last month, I started this segment of the blog post and saw a lot of accountability come from it, especially on my own end. I felt more responsible and felt that I had more of a grasp on the things I really wanted to accomplish, which made me work harder towards them.

Plus, it’s a great way to ground myself and get back to basics!

April was a weird month for me, because my 12-week fitness program concluded at the midway point, the weather insanely toyed with my emotions and I felt myself get discouraged and unmotivated several times throughout the month with my weight loss/newly adopted eating habits.

With May knocking on the door, I’m already starting to feel overwhelmed with all the things I have/want to do! We head to Florida on May 14, but not without a quick trip to Boston the week prior for a friend’s graduation from the police academy, plus a busy schedule at work once I get back from vacation!

Here’s what I want to accomplish in the month of May:

  • Lose 8-10 pounds before we leave for Disney: In all, I lost 17.2 pounds while completing the 12-week fitness program and I definitely feel awesome. However, I’m not at the point I wanted to be at, suffering some setbacks. The goal is to completely cut, detox and prepare myself before we leave on for Disney World.
  • Read two books: This will be a common goal in these posts, since I’m bound and determined to complete my GoodReads’ Book Challenge this year. The goal is 20 books and so far, I’m only at seven…. With a three-hour flight to and from Disney, plus a bus trip from Boston to New York, I expect to knock out this easily! These are my two picks for the month, check them here and here! 
  • Post 3-4 times a week: Another reoccurring theme in these posts! Last month, I bought myself a separate Lilly Pulitzer agenda ($10 at Marshall’s, score!) and made a loose itinerary and game plan of when/what to post. Using it really kept me accountable and gave me time to brainstorm what ideas I had rolling around in my head. I even felt I was more creative on new posts ideas, even dabbling with more YouTube videos! The goal is to post 3-4 times a week, and film one massive vlog about our trip in Disney.
  • Enjoy myself: This will be the first legitimate vacation I’ve ever been on. It’s a full-fledged weeklong vacation in a place I’ve never been to and I really want to enjoy every second of it. No work, no responsibilities and most importantly no excuses!

What are your goals for the month of May? Leave a comment!

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