2017 resolutions; first quarter review

First quarter: check✅

It seems like just yesterday it was December: I was sitting at my desk compiling a list of goals and resolutions I wanted to achieve for the calendar year, thinking that I had all the time in the world before I had to put my plans into motion.

Now it’s May. How does that even happen?!

One of the goals I established was to tune in every four months, make adjustments and changes to my four main goals (fitness, creativity, intellectual and financial) when necessary and to become more accountable for my actions. At the forefront, it seemed like I managed to fall more into routines I love and have stopped creating so many excuses.

In this post, I’m going to reflect on the goals established in December, compare how I felt in the first quarter and where to go from here.


This was my biggest resolution, and it was for a lot of people I know. As a quick recap, here’s the list of goals I wanted to hit in the first quarter:

  • Lose and keep off 15 pounds
  • Be able to run a full mile in under 12 minutes
  • Incorporate new workouts into my routine like yoga, spin, etc.

I’m happy to report that I exceeded my weight loss challenge and lost 21.3 pounds since January 16, when I started the program! I didn’t think it’d be as challenging as it was, but then I suffered a sprained ankle mid-way through the timeline. I quickly fell in love with the results and started to feel more comfortable with myself on those days that I didn’t make it to the gym or maybe had one too many cookies.

I learned that it was okay to have cheat days. You’re not always going to want to go to the gym, but if you do, reward yourself in minor ways. Those numbers on the scale are going to fluctuate and don’t be alarmed if they creep up, just put your head down and get back to work!

I might not have made it to spin classes or a yoga session, but I did learn to incorporate HIIT workouts into my routine, which I’m surprisingly loving!. Running hasn’t always been my favorite, but the second quarter will be all about training to become a semi-decent runner.

For the second quarter, I’d like to:

  • Lose and keep off another 20 pounds
  • Be able to run a full mile in under 12 minutes (I never actually tried to run a full mile during the first quarter, so this will become a main objective in the second quarter)
  • Adopt healthier eating habits and restricting self to a 1,500-caloric diet


This was the hardest topic to fully achieve, since in hindsight, I was creative every day with working on this blog. Here’s what the goals were in December:

  • Spend more time coloring (preferably 30-45 minutes a day)
  • Fill out the gratitude journal/creativity journal daily
  • Attend a painting class (similar to paint and sips) once a quarter

To be completely honest, I never even cracked open a coloring book in the first quarter! I rarely found time to sit down and zone out and let the creative juices flow. However, I did fill out the creativity journal and gratitude journal at least 4 out of the 7 days of the week, so creativity was simmering.

For the second quarter, I’d like to:

  • Spend more time coloring/drawing (instead of spending so much time a day, I’d like to opt for at least completing one picture/drawing a week)
  • Continue to fill out creativity/gratitude journal daily


This was the most fun resolution in my opinion and the one that took the less amount of deliberate effort. As I mentioned in that first post, I love to learn and challenging myself daily became something I really looked forward to.

Here’s what the goals were:

  • Practice French daily to become 50% fluent (If you use Duolingo, they have a percentage of how fluent you are in the language)
  • Read at least six books (varying in subjects/authors)

Currently, I’m 58% fluent in French and I’m already considering of starting a new language on Duolingo! Even though speaking isn’t my strong suit, I have become more comfortable reading and comprehending French since starting and try to set aside 15-20 minutes a day to refresh my skills.

Since establishing a reading challenge on Goodreads, I’m two books ahead of schedule with at least eight books in my queue for upcoming reading material! Originally, I thought that I wasn’t on the pace I wanted to be, but since then, I’ve picked up quick reads that have boosted my challenge and my willingness to read.

For the second quarter, I’d like to:

  • Become 75% fluent in French using Duolingo
  • Read at least six more books (Bringing the reading challenge to 12 out of 20)
  • Reconsider career/schooling options (This is something that I’ll always mull around in my head until I’m financially ready to go back. As much as I love my job, journalism isn’t something I’m entirely sure I want to continue.  I won’t be attending school “anytime soon”, but when I do, I want to be sure I know what I’m doing)


When it came to my finances, I mainly just wanted to save as much money as I could for Disney World. Since I’ll be leaving for Disney this month, this plan was a quick accomplishment, even though I dipped into a fund that I meant to leave for our trip.

However, post-Disney will be another story… And I want to really focus on saving money for upcoming trips, moves and whatever else life throws my way.

For the second quarter, I’d like to:

  • Create a monthly budget and stick with it (This will be a lot easier said than done since my wallet gets tight with all my bills coming out at once. I often “treat yo’self” too much and I need to strongly reconsider when to splurge and when to cut back. Since talks of moving are always in discussion, saving up money for when I do decide to move will certainly be at the front of my mind)
  • Pay off ONE credit card and create an emergency fund (I have two credit cards that are racked up with unexplainable purchases. The goal is to pay off one of them and allow that to be an “emergency only!” card)
  • Find ways to create pocket change (I started looking into ways on how to make money based on things we do every day. Sites like Achievemint pay you to lose weight and log in your calories, steps and more. I want to find more ways to add a little extra ka-ching to my wallet)

Stay tuned for my half-year check-in come July/August!

How much have you accomplished on your resolutions list? Let me know in a comment!

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