think outside the (vox)box: l’oreal colour riche

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.”

A good lipstick can change a lot of things about yourself. The obvious is that it can rev up your look, but it can really change your perspective on situations and most importantly, it changes your attitude.

Tell a babe rockin’ a red lip that she isn’t owning it. I dare you. I’m willing to bet she feels like the most badass rockstar she can be.

I recently received three of the new L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks and lip liners complimentary from Influenster (thanks again guys!) and today I’m here to tell you my thoughts and opinions about them.

I was really gutted about these: They were so hydrating and comfortable to wear, but I hated how much they transferred and wore off.

Lipsticks, like the literal lipstick in a tube, are hard to commit to. They don’t have the wearability that a liquid lip has and I’ve always noticed that I’m eating my lipsticks more than I’m wearing them.

Throw a lip liner in the mix and watch my head explode. I normally don’t wear liners that match my lipsticks (I opt for a nude liner to tone down my lips since they are so naturally pigmented) and when I do, I realize how awful I am at staying in the lines! I must have missed that day of preschool…

I received three colors from the Colour Riche collection: a mauve rose nude, a brown nude and a timeless red. These are all standards in everyone’s collection and I really liked how L’Oreal packaged the three basic shades as their testers. There’s 16 shades in the lineup, but these were good enough to get a feel for what to expect from the other 13.

All three shades were consistent in their formula and how they applied, so I can only assume that the other 13 shades are the same way. They all applied smoothly and left my lips feeling very hydrated and not tacky like some lipsticks can.

Throughout the day, I did notice some fading, but that’s to be expected with a non-drying lipstick. The colors were matte and were pretty true to that claim. They didn’t dry out my lips and leave those awful cracks, so I couldn’t complain.

However, these are NOT eat-proof, drink-proof or kiss-proof, so always make sure to keep it in your bag and keep a compact on hand! No one wants to be caught with lipstick on your chin.

The liners are a pencil liner so be sure to have a sharpener. I hated how these melted away so quickly since they’re so creamy. They felt great on the lip, but I felt as if I was wasting the product. The same thing applied to the lipstick: they were very hydrating, non-drying and felt incredible on the lip, but I felt as if it was a waste.

These lippies are great in terms of comfort. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind constantly touching up their lips, then these are great. The comfort of them just wasn’t enough to sell me.

Give me a liquid lip any day. These are a flop for me.

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