stitch fix unboxing: november ’17

By the time this post gets up, these picks will be old news…. oops 💁🏼

I somehow screwed up my subscription dates with my Fixes and got sent this one just days after sending back my October Fix. But nonetheless, November is here and I’m ready to pull out those eating pants and feast this upcoming Thanksgiving, which will be spent with my family.

For years, I was foolish and would sacrifice my comfort after gorging myself on loads of turkey and candied yams by dressing up for the holidays, for potential photo opportunities. My family aren’t people who always take those photos, but even in the event of someone pulling out a camera, I say screw it, let’s just wear our leggings.

I loved this month’s Fix because it was a lot of pieces that help us embrace that inner cozy girl. Most pieces were simple in concept, yet fun and unique in color choices that would spice up a wardrobe and they helped us prepare for Old Man Winter that’s knocking on the door.

Here’s what my stylist Melody picked for my Fix this month:

The Accessory Collective | Troy Plaid Wrap Scarf $34

Burberry, but without the boujee-ass price tag.

This was a gorgeous blanket scarf that was soft to the touch, it immediately gave me serious hygge vibes. For those who aren’t brushed up on their Danish, it’s basically anything that embraces all things cozy (I highly recommend reading The Little Book of Hygge, it’ll change your life!)

Unlike some scarves, this was big enough that it would wrap around multiple times for a big cowl neck, be worn as a shawl or just wrapped up as a blanket. I’m usually someone who just wraps it around me to retain heat.

I wish that I kept this, only because it’s so cozy and completes an outfit. I didn’t keep it because I thought I could find something similar to it cheaper elsewhere, but I have failed to do so just yet, though my fingers are crossed. If not, I’m requesting it again!

Ink Love & Peace | Honour Jogger in XL | $48

Joggers are one of those trends that younger Sarah would cringe at. As a kid, I hated any type of pant that would narrow around my ankle. Now as an adult, it’s more of an obscure sight to see me in anything OTHER than skinny-legged pants!

As soon as I pulled these out of the box, I was immediately turned off by the color. I am not someone who loves light bottoms on me (especially leggings!) and these were no exception. I hated the sinched legging, but I really liked how warm and comfortable these were.

My stylist suggested pairing these with a colored tee, a jean jacket and sneakers or for its intended purpose as joggers with a performance hoodie and tank top at the gym.

RD Style | Josslyn V-Neck Pullover in XL | $68

When I think big, thick and warm sweaters, this was exactly what I had in mind. Melody literally hit a homerun with this choice.

Immediately, I’m in love with the taupe color of this sweater and its two-stitch style between the front panel and the sleeves. It was a heavy sweater, but I didn’t sweat to death in it because of how big the knit was. It kept me warm enough covering a field hockey game after pairing this with a puffer vest.

This was something I saw dressing up at work with a pair of black pants or dressing down with a pair of jeans to go run some errands in. Sweaters are a major staple in my winter collection and I can never have enough, so this was a no-brainer to keep!

Tinsel | Chapleen Cargo Jacket in XL | $88

Nothing says fall like rich, deep maroon color palettes.

I was obsessed with this gorgeous jacket because it played a fun twist on a cargo coat. Most of the time, we see colors of tan, black or olive green, but this merlot colored coat was something I could see myself building my wardrobe around and making this a statement piece for my outfits.

The hood was huge, which was a delight to see because most fashion jackets compensate with a lack of a deep-set hood. The shape and fit of this jacket was comfortable, but I was skeptical of how thin it was. With a predicted cold and snowy winter, I couldn’t justify spending the money on it, at least not right now.

French Grey | Lynder Back Detail Knit Dress  in XL | $48

It seems with every Fix I receive, I always gravitate towards the dresses inside. I’ve always been a person to tends to stray away from dresses because I never thought I had the body for them, but as the older I get, the more I realize that no one really cares, just as long as you’re comfortable!

This dress was exactly that, however, it had no set structure to it, which left me feeling very hippy and wider than I am. It was a heavier knit, which would have been ideal for the upcoming winter months, but since there was no form or shape that flattered me, I skipped this choice.

If you were to pick this up, Melody suggested pairing it with a denim jacket and ankle booties or dressing it up by pairing it with a heel and leopard bag.

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