jeffree star 2017 holiday collection haul

Dear Santa,

I think I’ve been an awfully good girl this year, which is why I’m asking you for the entire Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection!

Another year, another Jeffree Star collection to add to the wish-list!

With Jeffree Star’s third year anniversary of his brand, he went all out with glitz and glam with glitter packaging for the holiday collection. I am OBSESSED with the aesthetics of these liquid lipsticks, and these are products that deserve to be proudly displayed on your vanity all year round.

In the holiday collection, there’s eight new Velour Liquid Lipstick shades, four new Lip Ammo’s, three new Velour Lip Scrub flavors and two brand new Skin Frost Pro Palettes in 24-Karat Gold and Platinum Ice. Jeffree Star ain’t playing and he’s pumping tons of new stuff to build your collection around this season!

When I watched Jeffree’s launch video for the collection, I made my mental list of all the items I wanted, which included the Platinum Ice Pro Palette and nearly all of the liquid lipsticks.

(I personally have never used a Lip Ammo or the Velour Lip Scrubs but that’s because I don’t love any lipstick formulas and I still have nearly half a jar of Mint Julip from Lush Cosmetics that I’m trying to use up.)

As much as I would have loved to purchase everything, I decided to be “responsible” and only pick up two of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks, since a lot of the colors are either a bit out of my comfort zone or similar to something I already own.

I opted out of the Pro Palette because after looking at my own collection, I thought it could pass as a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette or even the Kat Von D Alchemist palette. Of course, all palettes are made differently and each shade has different shifts in it, but I couldn’t justify spending the money on it at the time.

Besides, I have to leave somethings on my Christmas list… 🎅🏼


With the holiday glam season in full swing, I was in a desperate search of a red metallic lip. Come through Jeffree Star! This metallic red lipstick is just the right amount of red and I’m already thinking of the magnitude of looks to create using it!

Christmas Cookie

When you’re as fair-toned as I am, finding a perfect nude shade is nearly impossible. It’s like playing Goldilocks: this one’s too warm, this one’s too cold, but Christmas Cookie is just perfect! It’s the perfect nude for my natural lip color and I love how versatile this will be in the upcoming season. I’m someone who loves a dramatic eye, but a neutral lip, so this will definitely come in clutch.

⬇️Watch a live swatch and comparison below⬇️:

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