Stitch Fix Unboxing: December ‘17

It feels like it’s been a minute since I’ve done a Stitch Fix because, technically, it has been! Being that I accidentally sent myself two Fixes in October, I’ve been having withdrawals and need my Fix!

Since starting the new job, I suggested to my stylist that I wanted office casual pieces. Being that I work in a municipality, I can’t really dress as lax as I used to in a newsroom, so more business casual blouses and trousers were at the top of my list of fashion priority.

All of my items in the Fix would have cost me $292, but using the Buy 5, get 25% and the $20 styling fee, it brought it down to $199, which wasn’t awful considering what was inside.

Here’s the pieces that my stylist Patrisha picked for me this month:

MTLA | Malia Printed Straight Trouser in XL | $68

Trousers and me just don’t get along. Even for the years I’ve worked in a professional setting, I’ve always found a way around wearing them. You can catch me in either colored jeans, leggings or even a skirt to avoid wearing trousers.

Patrisha sent me these and at the surface, I really liked them. They gave me the perfect “office vibes” that I was looking for and I liked the design of them because I wear a lot of neutrals like greys, whites and blacks. Straight leg pants are my go-to and I could easily see myself wearing these with a pair of pumps or even flats.

This was all until I put them on.

You know how girls do “the wiggle dance” to get into pants? There were some serious grooves thrown down to hike these bad boys over my thunder thighs and booty. Once I shimmied them up high enough, I was terrified to move because I thought they’d burst through the seam. Even though they made my legs look slim, I couldn’t risk spending the money for them to rip at one bad sneeze.

Sophie Rue | Colma Lace Detail Top in XL | $40

One way to build an office wardrobe is to start with tops like this one. They can be paired with cardigans, blazers or even on their own during the summer.

When I sneaked a peek at this online before it shipped, I was excited for this top because I thought it was going to be more glitzy than what it was. Its lace detailing was cute, but it was in the back of the top, which pairing it with a blazer would defeat the purpose.

I liked how it could have been a very versatile piece; being worn in the office or out on the town. It could have been simplified with a pair of ripped jeans and mules or even dressed up with a shifty skirt and pumps.

The fit was “okay” and it didn’t wow me as much as I was hoping and with its $40 price tag, I couldn’t justify spending the money on it.

Le Lis | Melodie Stretch Linen Blazer in XL | $68

Whenever I think of someone with a blazer, I always imagine a boss babe who runs from business meeting while juggling a Starbucks Venti with their planner. I’d only hope to be that girl someday, just taking over the world.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with blazers. I love how polished and complete they make an outfit, but hate how if you have one that isn’t exactly tailored to your body type, they make you look even worse. This one did fit me well around my stomach and it hit right at my hip, but it felt too boxy around my chest, which is why I opted against it.

Patrisha recommended styling this blazer with either a blouse and trouser or with a t-shirt dress.

41 Hawthorn | Shallon Lace Inset Detail Blouse in XL | $58

Want to talk about a disappointment? Look no further than this blouse.

I sneaked a peek and saw this was coming in my Fix and I was excited because I loved the merlot color for this time of year. It looked like it was going to be flowy and fit in the right areas, but unfortunately, as soon as I put it on, it was a nightmare.

It was incredibly tight across my chest and now, let me disclaim: I’m about a 36D and I wear bras that have minimal padding. The bra that I wore to test out the clothing is slightly padded, but nothing obscene. It made my chest look constricted, which in hand, made it tight around my biceps. Around my midsection, it felt super tight around my belly, but it was loose in the back. In all, it was just oddly proportioned to my body type.

If you’re to grab this piece, pair it with a pair of distressed jeans for a casual look or pair it with the MTLA trousers aforementioned.

41 Hawthorn | Darci Pullover Sweater in XL | $58

I’ve quickly come to discover that my office is a literal icebox. If it weren’t for my little space heater under my desk, I’d freeze! Thankfully, with that knowledge, guess there’s no better time to stock up on some cozy sweaters.

I’m loving how soft and snuggly this sweater is from 41 Hawthorn and the neutral color block is singing to my color palette. I like a lot of nudes and neutrals, so this is a great piece to build my closet. I can see this being worn casually or dressed up for the office.

It can be paired with a pair of maroon colored pants and a denim jacket lined with wool and ankle booties or it can be paired with cheetah pumps and trousers. This was my keep for the month and I’m excited snuggle up with it.

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