sephora play unboxing: december ’17

Glam Straight! 

Let’s go out with a bang and make 2018 the best year yet! Glam straight sister, this Play Box will have you living your best life with some stellar products.

This month’s Sephora Play has so many grab-and-go products that are going to make bouncing from holiday soiree a breeze. Inside there’s a creamy eyeshadow duo, a 3-in-1 spray that give hair a needed boost and a liquid highlighter to help create a super easy nigh-out look.

Here’s what was inside my Play Box this month:

SMASHBOX | Cover Shot Eye Shadow Duo in Golden Hour

Convenient packaging ftw.

Nothing makes running from party to party easier than a two-in-one eyeshadow duo that will work for a magnitude of looks. With fingers or brushes, these shadows are incredibly creamy and highly pigmented so you won’t have to worry about ever looking dull.

If you’re someone like me who likes a warm neutral look, this duo will be your new BFF. I’m already envisioning using this pair for my New Year’s Eve outfit because of a) the convenience factor and b) how well it compliments my skin/eye color.

Plus, these shades are so neutral that they can be rocked well into the new year as an everyday look. (Keep in mind, this duo comes out of an affordable palette of eight colors, so if you love these two, check out the whole palette, linked above!)

Rating: 5 out of 5


I think I’ve made it pretty well known that I don’t mess with glosses. I’ve never liked them and they normally don’t like me.

But like all beauty products, I’m down for redemption. Plus, I like Anastasia Beverly Hills too much to not test out another product and potentially fall in love with it.

Immediately, I noticed it had almost like a Creamsicle scent to it, which I loved. I also loved how wide the application wand was, which made swiping and going so much easier. But most importantly, this gloss was so pigmented that one swipe was more than enough.

This was all based on a first impression. In the long haul, it left my lips feeling more moisturized when a traditional lip gloss would leave them feeling tacky and gross. I loved the dusty rose color because it was very comparable to my natural lip color and the shine wasn’t ridiculously overdone.

This shade would be perfect to pair with everything from a dramatic smokey eye to the simplest cat eye. I can see myself repurchasing this when this samples out or even recommending it to someone.

Rating: 5 out of 5

DRYBAR | Triple Sec 3-in-1

Since chopping my hair all off, I never realized how precious time is. Especially now since I save SO much time when it comes to my hair routine!

It’s even better when you find products that make it even easier to save time.

Drybar is already an obsession of mine and I was so excited to receive this 3-in-1 spray. I’ve been training my hair to go even longer between washes and I need all the products I can to extend my blowouts’ life. (It’s mainly because #lazygirlprobz, but whatever).

I love its refreshing clean scent and the final look I get with it, especially with second or third day curls. This spray doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff, but rather manageable. Texturizing sprays have been something I’ve dabbled in, but with this one, I feel like a pro because it’s so easy to use.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

LAURA MERCIER | Eye Basics in Wheat

You gotta ❤️ double duty products.

Not only is this an eyelid primer, it can also be doubled up as a color all its own with its eight shade collection. It primes and corrects to create the perfect canvas, whether you’re creating a masterpiece on the lid or giving yourself a clean slate.

I have extremely visible veins in my eyelid area and it’s hard to find a primer that covers them. I like this one because it deposits enough pigment to hide them. I received mine in the shade Wheat and I could easily see myself grabbing this beige color on those days that I don’t want to fuss with a full eye look.

I paired this with the aforementioned Smashbox shadows and unfortunately, I did notice some serious creasing about 12 hours after the fact. (That’s not a fair assessment because most makeups can’t go through a marathon day, but just keep that in mind when you read its “crease-free” claim.)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

PETER THOMAS ROTH | 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Prism Cream 

A glow from within.

It wouldn’t be the party season if we didn’t bathe ourselves in highlight. Luckily, we have one that will give us that “glow from within” from Peter Thomas Roth. Best part? It doubles up with hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil so it’s actually good for your skin!

You can either use it as your first step before even applying makeup for that subtle glow or you can pack it in a targeted area like your cheekbone for that “connecting to the mothership” highlight.

I’m not normally a wet highlight look kind of gal, but this one is subtle. I also really like how it can be worn all over, so I definitely plan on using this for those days I wanna radiate.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

TOM FORD | Black Orchid Perfume

When I think about glam, I often think sultry, which is the epitome of this perfume from Tom Ford.

This floral fragrance is anything but your traditional “roses”, but rather black orchid, incense and sandalwood. It smells very sultry and dark, and almost throws be back to the Gatsby times, which is very fitting for this month’s theme.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the scent, because it’s almost too musky smelling for my nose. But in a weird way, I’m also kind of digging it. It certainly won’t replace any favorites of mine, but it’s something different.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Remember: Sephora Play is $10/month. To sign up: visit here.

⬇️ Watch my Sephora Play Unboxing below ⬇️

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