2017 resolutions wrap-up

2017, that’s a wrap!

When I wrote my resolutions for 2017, I honestly thought I was wasting my time. I’m like a lot of people when it comes to those “promises” we keep to ourselves: that resolutions are bogus and people seldom stay with them.

But I wanted to prove to myself that if I stuck with something long enough, I’d see results. The main objective for 2017 was to become more accountable for things in my life. Whether it was staying true to my workout routine or staying honest about keeping consistent with my French lessons, I wanted to stop making excuses and just get ‘er done.

As the course of the year went on, I felt that I grew into a person I was proud to be. Those resolutions I blogged about weren’t a total waste of time, but rather, they kept me on track of my monthly goals and I crossed off a lot of things on my daily to-do list.

I wish I was more regular when it came to checking in with my progress, but that’s always something I can keep in mind for 2018’s resolutions.

I broke down my goals into four main themes and here’s my assessment on each category:


This was the biggest challenge of the resolutions I had in mind. It’s everyone’s resolution to lose a couple of pounds, but for me, it was more about becoming consistent with a routine and falling in love with the process, and if I happened to lose the weight, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

I had given myself a loose idea of losing 40 pounds and with each gym session, I realized how hard 40 pounds gone was going to be to obtain. Small goals were going to be the objective and I stayed relatively consistent with my splits, aside from a week in March when I sprained my ankle or for a few days here and there due to traveling/vacations/etc.

In June, this budding confidence emerged that I never thought I owned and I became much more comfortable in my skin, which was an incredible feeling I never thought I’d accomplish. It was truly contagious and not to toot my own horn, but I was radiating and people were noticing.

I had maybe lost 23 pounds in all, which was half of the target, and truthfully I was elated, but knew that I had a lot more work to do if I wanted to hit 40. If I’m being completely honest, October through December was a terrible time when it came to my diet/workout routine.

With a hectic work schedule, a transition to a new job/routine and the holidays, I think I went to the gym a whole of two times, one of which I sprained my wrist! Even though I was super lax with my split, I still felt so much more comfortable than I did to start the year.


Being a Pisces, I am SO out of touch with my creative side. This was the hardest part of my resolutions, simply because I couldn’t find the time to sit down and genuinely create something.

I’m not a creative person. I can’t “create” anything off the top of my head. I can’t draw to save my life and I’m not musically-inclined. However, while realizing that I was lacking talents to be creative, I noticed that I was creating a lot of things, this blog, in particular.

I was constantly pumping content for this site throughout the year and found myself actually wanting to brainstorm different topics to talk about and finding different techniques when it came to filming for my Youtube channel. Even though I didn’t really feel in tune with my creativity, I watched how I developed into a content creator over the course of the year, and I’m proud of my accomplishments.


This was by far the most fun of the resolutions in my opinion. Every year, I mention how I wish I could etch more time out in my day to recreationally read. I regret how I don’t actually allow myself the time to do so, or when I do, it’s late at night and I’m dozing off while trying to finish a chapter.

I exceeded my reading challenge of 20 books and I picked up a lot of great reads, including All is Not Forgotten, Lilac Girls and Reconstructing Amelia. There were points that it took me weeks to finish a single book, struggling to get into it, but nothing was more satisfying than crossing off another book on my To Read list.

When it came to my French lessons, I completed all the activities on Duolingo and felt pretty comfortable with the language. Reading and writing were my strengths while speaking and listening comprehension are still works in progress to this day.

Currently, I’m “67% fluent” and love watching people’s faces when I tell them I taught myself a foreign language, just for the hell of it. As someone who loves to learn and challenge themselves, it’s incredibly rewarding.


When I made my resolutions, this was the one topic that I kept on the back burner, because with the job I had, it was nearly impossible to make ends meet and save a penny.

With the new job, I received a huge raise and closed out my retirement from the previous job, which allowed me to pay off the lingering amount of the nearly $15K I had in student loans. (Woot woot! 🎉)

In August, I told myself it was time to settle down and actually figure out my financial situation. For the longest time, I was genuinely afraid to look at my credit card statements and my bank account. I would just spend and worry about paying the minimums on my maxed out credit cards later, a vicious cycle that desperately needed to be broken.

I started utilizing a budgeting system, where I created a table that had every single penny accounted for between my checking accounts, my savings account and any spare cash I had lying around. Then I created a table that had all of my credit cards/accounts with balances that included the balance, the limit and the credit available.

And lastly, I created a table that had all of those said accounts with a breakdown for minimum payments, additional payments to be made, and a new balance column. In each row, I’d put down the due date and kept a system of when I paid things and once they cleared, changing the dates and payments accordingly each month.

Not completely halting myself of fun, I decided to start taking out money per paycheck to set aside to be used as “free money”, where I could spend it however I pleased. So if I wanted to blow it all on food, or if I wanted to go out, I could use the cash without worrying about leaving myself short. Once the cash was gone, I would have to wait to take out more money from the following paycheck.

It was an odd system that seemed to work for me so much that I finally felt comfortable with my financial situation. This was the one resolution that I was hesitant on admitting, but I feel so much better about money that I’m excited to try and chip away at those outstanding balances in 2018.

How did you do with your resolutions? Let me know in a comment!

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