2018 resolutions

With the amount of success I had with the 2017 Resolutions, it was an obvious no-brainer to want to continue this journey and start the year on the right foot with another batch of resolutions!

If you checked out my 2017 Resolutions Wrap-Up, you saw that I felt 2017 was a year of growth and accountability, which was exactly what I set out to accomplish.

It’s now 2018 and everyone out here wanting to live their best life yet and I’m jumping right on board the bandwagon with them! I want to continue my growth by keeping myself accountable with more quarterly log-ins and continue that upward trajectory of success.

Last year, I broke down my resolutions into four categories and this year, I will continue to the same. Those four subcategories are: Creativity, Financial, Fitness and Intellectual.

Check to see what my goals and resolutions are for each subcategory:


This was the hardest resolution for myself last year and this year, I don’t suspect anything different. The creativity resolution will be the most ‘lax’ of the four, but nonetheless, I still want to create something, whether it’s creative writing, sketching or even finally dabbling and mastering calligraphy!

I either want to learn a new skill like learning to play an instrument or take up sketching. But more importantly, I want to stick with said hobby, whichever I decide to do, which I will decide by the end of the first quarter. If it means setting a timer for 15 minutes a day to doodle or diddle around on an instrument, I want to allot the time to get in tune with my creativity and be the pisces I’m suppose to be!

First Quarter Goals:

  • Decide what creative hobby to take up
  • Aim to color/sketch 3-4 times a week


Everybody wants to set up a rainy day fund, but how many of us can actually do it without breaking the bank?

I really picked up this resolution at the end of the year and I feel so confident in my financial situation heading into 2018. But there’s always room for improvement.

The biggest thing I want to do financially is to create an emergency fund. At 25, I know a lot of my friends aren’t ever prepared when their car sh*ts the bed, or whenever a pet get sick and vet bills pile up. My goal is to pay off one of my credit cards that has racked up and essentially “hide” it from myself, only to use it on those strictly emergency-only basis.

Another resolution is to create that rainy-day fund we all fantasize about. With the new year, it’s time to start creating the itineraries of places to go and things to do. Instead of splurging all at once and taking the financial blow, I’ve decided to start taking whatever loose change I find in purses/car/etc. and placing it in a piggy bank.

Each paycheck, I take out a withdraw and allot that to be used as free money, where I can spend it however I please. With this free money withdraw, I plan on taking whatever I don’t use each week and placing it into the piggy bank, keeping my wallet at a constant amount and building the rainy day fund.

In addition, I want to pay off those other pesky credit cards I have for stores like Express and JC Penney’s.

First Quarter Goals:

  • Bring balance of Emergency Fund credit card to $500. (Balance is currently around $900)
  • Start stowing away money for rainy day fund and have $200 saved by April
  • Pay off ONE store credit card


This resolution takes the cake as the one we all want to accomplish for ourselves: we all wanna lose those holiday pounds we’ve tacked on.

Last year, this was the one resolution that I stuck with on a fairly consistent bases. Until October-December, when I, like a lot of other people, became complacent and content with shoveling mounds of food into my gullet.

The ultimate goal is to lose 30-40 pounds in the calendar year, with an emphasis of losing 3-5 pounds per month. In hand, this will also include trying to implement clean eating habits like intermitten-fasting and strict calorie counting.

Since I’m someone who always gets bored with my routines, this will also be the year that I consider looking into fitness classes at the local YMCA or yoga studio. Since I loved the results I noticed about myself with the mindfulness adoption, I want to incorporate a lot more yoga into my workout splits.

First Quarter Goals:

  • Lose 15 pounds
  • Be able to run for 5-7 minutes straight


As an avid lover of learning, I am always looking at ways to try and stay as sharp as a tack.

I had the most fun with this resolution last year and I’m already looking forward to what I want to accomplish with this year’s goals.

While maintaining my fluency in French, I want to really challenge myself and take on learning another language. Going off the beaten path entirely, I’ve decided to take up Russian, which is something I’ve always wanted to learn since I was a little girl.

After crushing the reading challenge of 20 books last year, it’s time to step it up and raise the level to 30 books, focusing with 2.5 books a month. Like last year, I also want to read a variety of books on several topics.

As happy as I am that I’ve paid off my student loans, I am also considering looking into classes to finally finish my Bachelor’s Degree. If it’s financially smart, I’ll enroll in online classes by September, or I will continue using sites like Skillwise to build up my knowledge in other topics like photography or whatever my heart desires.

First Quarter Goals

  • Maintain French fluency at 70% and bring Russian fluency to 20%
  • Read at least 7 books
  • Finish Skillwise tutorials purchased last year for blogging

⬇️ Check out my video about my resolutions here ⬇️


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