january 2018 workout split

Hustle hard, girl

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New year, new monthly workout splits!

When I started my fitness journey a year ago, I was so overwhelmed with the world of endless possibility when it came to obtaining my goals. I spent months browsing through Pinterest and I thought I had found a program that was going to work for me, but I grew bored and complacent when heading to the gym each day by the fourth week of a 12-week program.

Then, I discovered Spotebi and my outlook on planning my workouts changed. I discovered a whole new realm of inclusive tools and workout programs that were geared specifically for women. Since then, finding a program that works for me has been a breeze, as well as making my own splits for my specific goals.

This month, I’ve decided that I wanted to hit the ground running (literally) and begin with the JumpStart workout plan. This plan is a four-week, seven-day routine that will trick your body into burning more fat and kickstarting your metabolism.

Personally, I like to write out the monthly workout on a separate calendar. Once I complete a workout, the feeling of crossing it off is so rewarding that it makes it worthwhile.

Sundays will be dedicated to yoga flows, while Monday-Saturday will be spent at the gym. Each day will be devoted to specific body areas (upper body, core, lower body) and will vary between HIIT (high intensity interval training), cardio and strength workouts. Workouts will begin with a 10-minute warm-up for each targeted area, the 30-minute workout and a 10-minute cool-down. Check out the JumpStart program to see the actual breakdown of workouts.

In addition, I want to start implementing a running routine throughout the year. I am not a runner, and have never claimed to be, however, I’ve always wanted to take my crack at it. I realize that running will be a baby-step process, but I’m looking for splits to help build my endurance. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated!

📌 Here are my monthly fitness goals this month. If I accomplish these goals, I will allow myself to buy a new water bottle!

  • Use 10-pound hand weights consistently
  • Run comfortably and consistently for 3 minutes
  • Lose 3-5 pounds

⬇️Check out my Workout Split video for the month below ⬇️

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