stitch fix unboxing: january ’18

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After some reflection: Last month’s Stitch Fix was an absolute disappointed. A lot of the pieces either didn’t fit, weren’t within my price point and in all, I just wasn’t happy with any of the items selected for me.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. My stylist Talia nailed this month’s Fix. I had suggested for more affordable business casual pieces because 2018 will be the year to actually dress like the young professional I “supposedly” am.

All five pieces subtotaled for $240, but with the Buy 5, Get 25% off discount and the $20 styling fee, it came to $160, which is my most affordable Fix. Each of the pieces individually wouldn’t break the bank and I thought that the quality of the items were good for their price range. I also loved how all of the pieces worked together, making it an all-inclusive Fix.

Here’s what my stylist Talia sent me this Fix:

Bancroft | Cazzette Framed Filigree Earring | $28

Little fun fact: I have had my ears pierced on three separate occasions. Once when I was an infant, again when I was seven or eight and again when I was 17. All of these were the first hole. Do you see why I don’t wear earrings?

For someone who doesn’t normally opt for earrings, I did like these from Bancroft because they’re very simple in design. I’m not a dangly earring kind of gal, unless it’s for a specific event, but these didn’t seem over the top and casual enough for everyday wear.

You’re lucky if I wear earrings once or twice a month. It’s usually the last thing I think about while accessorizing, which is why I held off on these.

Renee C | Leni Split Neck Blouse in XL | $44

Perfect fit, just the wrong time.

I’ve recently discovered how much I despise trying on blouses. It’s like playing Russian Roulette when trying to find the perfect one: either it’s gonna fit, or you’re gonna have to pull the trigger to try and get it off.

The cut of this blouse from Renee C was actually perfect: “the girls” weren’t suffocating, I was able to move my arms freely without being constricted and my midsection wasn’t taking the brunt of the guilt of those extra servings of mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving.

Plus, I loved the color scheme and the pattern of it because it was girly, but not busy. I’m not normally a floral person, but I want to be. This one was what I envisioned for an ideal print of choice.

Talia suggested pairing this blouse with jeans and a long duster cardigan for a casual look, or with a pair of grey slacks for the office.

Here in New York, it’s been subzero weather for nearly three weeks and Old Man Winter won’t be leaving anytime soon. This blouse would be a perfect pick-up in the spring, which I’ll consider then. But for now, I’ll stick to my parka and sweaters.

MIX BY 41 HAWTHORN | Jessa Essential Knit Tee in XL | $32

With the amount of black/white striped shirts I own, you’d think I was either a part-time mime, lived in France or a bit, or I’m simply colorblind. All of which, are wrong.

I’m someone with a very minimalistic style. I don’t love a lot of flashy pieces and hate trying to pair color stories with one another, so I usually avoid color at all. It’s not that I’m boring, I like to think of myself as “safe” with my fashion choices.

This top from 41 Hawthorn is so incredibly cozy, if even it’s just a knit tee. It’s so versatile and is a fantastic piece to build a wardrobe around. It wasn’t too tight, nor too loose which gave it a perfect silhouette. V-Necks normally aren’t my style because of “the girls”, but this cut isn’t too revealing and it fell comfortably along my chest.

Pair it up with a puffer vest, jeans and Chucks for running weekend errands or even pair it with a cute flowy skirt and denim jacket for date night. Regardless, this tee will become your new BFF.

One can’t have enough basic white/black/striped tees and for the price point (with the $20 styling credit applied), I couldn’t say no. I definitely see this becoming an instant favorite.

Erica Taylor | Karen Straight Leg Pant in XL | $88

Finding trousers that fit me is usually a pain in the ass, literally. I’m either compromising the booty game by finding pants that fit comfortably on my belly, or I’m suffocating and sacrificing my bladder with pants that ride right on my stomach. With how disproportionate I am, I truthfully hate buying/trying on pants and wouldn’t wish the hell I have to endure on my worst enemy.

I really liked how these fit on me, aside from the front tummy area, which can be fixed by losing a few pounds. The length of the pants was ideal because they were short enough that a fun pair of flats could be paired with it, as well as a pair of stillettos. Another compromise with finding the perfect pant is that I’m either getting ready for the flood, or I’m dusting the floor with them.

I loved how the textured detailing of the pants played a fun, untraditional spin on black slacks.  Talia suggested pairing these with either the Renee C blouse or the MIX BY 41 HAWTHORN shirt, as well as a button down gingham shirt and blazer and cute mules.

Even though I generally liked how they fit, I didn’t love their price tag with my current financial standings. These will definitely be something I reconsider once I slim up, or desperately need new pants and want to invest.

Staccato | Marabell Open Cardigan in XL | $48

Sometimes, a wardrobe needs a splash of color.

As aforementioned, I tend to stay within my color lanes, which is a lot of neutral shades like blacks, whites and grays. When it comes to color, I shy away because I’m always afraid of trying to build outfits around a particular piece. How many times have we bought something, thinking that you’ll rock it with this, that and/or other, and it just sits in your closet?

This teal green cardigan really made my eyes stand out and it complimented my skin tone/hair color nicely. It could have been worn through the winter months as well as making an appearance in the upcoming spring months, adding just a bit of warmth to some cute spring-time dresses.

Talia suggested wearing this piece with a flowy t-shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers or dressing it up with a pair of slacks and a white blouse for the office.

I wasn’t in love with how the cardigan didn’t come all the way around my torso, rather just draped over my shoulders, so I had to pass.

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