2018 bucket list

⏲ Read time: 3-5  minutesOh, that’s on my bucket list!

We utter this phrase so much, it almost seems as if that’s all it is: words. I for myself that I have never legitimately wrote out a bucket list or even thought of all the things I want to do within my life.

Actually, they’re more of an afterthought, like the time I danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly in Nashville. That’s something I’d probably never think to do, but I’m glad I can tell my kids someday I did.

To make a list of all the things I want to do within my lifetime is a daunting task, so I figured why not just make one for the year? We’re gifted with 365 days, why not make the most of them and do the things we really want to do?

First and foremost, this is NOT another resolutions list! The goal for this post is to create a bunch of simple tasks that I want to do throughout the year. It can literally be something as mundane as ‘stay in bed all day’ or ‘go to a movie by yourself’. These bucket list items are things we often forget about indulging in as we grow older or things that will break us of our mold.

While brainstorming for this post, I bounced ideas off of my boyfriend and realized quickly that it’d be more appropriate to make seasonal bucket list items. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many fall/summer things were on this list, but we’ll save those for a future post…

This list will seem kind of silly, but these are legitimate things that I often forget to do for myself or say I want to do, but always back out. Hell, I can complete all of these or none of them, I guess even making a bucket list is on the bucket list!

Here’s a start to my 2018 Overall Bucket List:

  • Stay in bed all day
  • Binge-watch a TV series in a weekend
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Win a game of mini-golf against Ryan
  • Read a book from start to finish
  • Go hiking
  • Stargaze
  • Go to a museum
  • Go to a movie by myself
  • Face my fears
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Learn my family’s history
  • Get my passport
  • Explore a city
  • Run a Color Run 5K

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28. writer. obsessed with makeup, traveling, nyr and sparkle.
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