birchbox unboxing: january ’18

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January is the most selfish month of the year. And for good reason!

As the bustle of the holidays wind down, we’re all heading to the gym to grind off those few extra pounds we put on. We’re making our resolutions and we’re looking for the way to make this year our best year yet. We dedicate time to ourselves, focusing on what we want to accomplish and doing the things that are in our own best intentions.

There’s no better time to make self-love a daily habit than starting it in the beginning of the year. Birchbox picked out some great products to help etch out that “me time”, including a hydrating hair mask, a new dry shampoo and a skin tint.

Here’s what’s inside my Birchbox this month:


I don’t leave the house without some sort of foundation on. Not because I’m self conscious of my skin, but rather because I’m sick and tired of answering the never-ending questions of ‘Are you okay?’ or ‘Did you get enough sleep last night?’.

Unless it’s the peak of summer of an absolute lazy day, I opt for things with full coverage. When I first swatched this in my Birchbox Unboxing, I didn’t think it’d be a good color match because it looked very pale compared to my current skin tone.

However, it does even out nicely and it blended out well and left my skin almost glowing. I wasn’t expecting full coverage with this tint, but was surprised with the finish it did leave. I also loved how this tint had a lot of good things for your skin like caffeine, ginseng and green tea to combat a lot of skin concerns.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Balance Me | Congested Skin Serum

Nothing is more frustrating than having skin that disobeys you for several weeks on end. Lately, my skin has been acting out and no matter what I try, it’s just giving me a big ol’ middle finger.

I might have found its remedy.

This serum banishes blemishes, refines pores and adds a balance to skin without stripping it of much needed moisture during the winter. It also acts as a spot-treatment, which means I can put down the toothpaste and reach for this instead.

At first, I thought it smelt like Noxzema and had some serious nostalgia to my teenager days. But, it finishes off with a lemony scent that refreshes and boosts the skin. It left my skin smooth, not irritated and overall, I was content with the results after a one-time use.

I noticed that the full size retailed for $23 for 0.51 ounces, which is only double the sample size. If it works on a consistent basis, then I won’t mind spending the money.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Doucce Cosmetics | Freematic Eyeshadow Single in Veronica

If you read my March Ipsy Unbagging, you’ll recall how much I detested the eyeshadow I received from Doucce Cosmetics. When I pulled this out of my Birchbox, I won’t even lie when I say that I was a little disappointed.

But, I’m always down to give beauty products a second chance.

Off the get-go, I like the overall base color of this single shade. Veronica is an icy peach tone that would be perfect for an everyday neutral shadow, but it has large silver sparkle chunks that aren’t super complimentary to anyone, unless we’re talking about a small child’s makeup kit from Claire’s.

This shadow isn’t very pigmented and for whatever pick-up I did receive in the multiple trips to the pan, there was a ton of fallout.

Rating: 2 out of 5

R + Co | DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo

“When it doubt, just spray dry shampoo and head out the door” has been my mantra for the past year or so. I abuse dry shampoo and only recently realized how much I need to lay off of it, but do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to wash your hair everyday!?

Sometimes, finding a perfect dry shampoo can be like finding a diamond in the rough. This one from R + Co has a light, refreshing scent and its nozzle packs a serious punch, dispersing just the perfect amount for a total refresh.

It adds volume and gives your hair a tousled look, which has been the ideal look for my short hair. My hair feels refreshed and more lively, everything opposite of its namesake.

I’ve tested R + Co in a previous Birchbox, and liked the dry shampoo paste I received. This is more of a higher-end hair brand, so I don’t love it’s $30 price tag, but if it works well, I’m not oppose of splurging.

Rating: 5 out of 5

VERB | Verb Hydrating Mask

Since going blonde and chopping my hair, I’ve been trying to implement a solid haircare routine that will restore the damage I’ve done over the past few years. Once of those things has been to find a good hair mask to use weekly.

Already a fan of their Ghost Oil, I was excited to find a hair mask from VERB because this is a brand that won’t break the bank. The full size of this mask is 6.8-ounces and only costs $16, and a little goes a long way, which is ideal when investing.

I focused this mask at my ends because that’s where most of my damage is. In the shower, I noticed that it did disperse nicely, didn’t feel too thick and it didn’t feel like I was wasting product. It stayed in its designated place and worked nicely throughout my hair.

While drying, I noticed my hair felt softer to the touch and it didn’t feel weighed down. I also loved how much shinier and healthier my hair looked after one use, so I can only imagine implementing this as part of my weekly routine.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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