goal digger: february ’18

Oh baby, you should go and love yourself

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Chapter One: Done.

January 2018 has come to a close and it was definitely one for the books. For a majority of the month, I established habits to help gear up for the most successful year yet. I created a daily routine for myself: hustling at work, grinding it out at the gym and hitting the books to help me grow into the well-rounded individual I’ve always wanted to be.

It’s not to say the whole month was spent ‘working’ on myself, because I definitely had some fun. I started the new year celebrating mine and Ryan’s three-year anniversary in New York City to catch the NY Rangers in the NHL Winter Classic, where I absolutely froze my tail off.

S/O to Amazon for coming in clutch with this $25 dress!

To close out the month, I got dolled up to the nines to attend the Mayor’s Gala for my job. It was a great evening out with my co-workers where we could kick back and celebrate the major successes of our department (which is the city’s planning department that was awarded a $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative) before the madness begins with all new projects for 2018.

I also caught up with some old friends and went to the AHL All-Star Weekend at the Utica Auditorium for the Skills Competition and the AHL All-Star Challenge. It was a lot of fun to see the up-and-coming stars of the hockey world all under a roof I’ve called home for the past two-and-a-half years.

But now that January is said and done, it’s time to start looking forward to February!

Here are the goals I want to crush this February:

  • Continue with fitness journey: Being that I’ve been down the road to wellness before, I know how difficult it can be to stay consistent. Even though I really slacked off at the end of the month with my January workout split, I still found myself wanting to carve out time specifically for the gym. This month, I’m starting a 12-week weight loss program while also implementing a 12-week 5K training program. It might be short of crazy, but I really want to push myself and see what ringers I can put my body through. This month, I want to lose another 3-5 pounds, brining the year total to 6-10 pounds lost.
  • Read two books: When I decided to read 30 books this year, I was a little intimidated. I struggled to get through the 20 last year, but I also wasn’t as strict with my reading schedule back then. I’m currently on track with this year’s reading challenge and I feel confident that I’ve discovered a system on how to keep the pace. I’ve got a couple of light reads on my to-read list already picked out and I want to keep chipping away at that year total.
  • Sketch 1-2 times a week for 45 minutes: Like every year, I always say how much more in-tune I want to become with my creative side. It’s always the one resolution that gets ignored, but I’m serious about wanting to find a new hobby. I bought a sketch pad nearly two years ago at Marshall’s that just collects dust on my desk and I want to finally put it to use. I haven’t decided what I want to sketch, or if I’ll even be good at it, but it’s something I want to dabble in until I can think of another creative muse.
  • Save $60 in piggy bank: It’s 2018 and your girl feels insanely confident in her financial situation! I’ve establish a budget system that works for me, however, we should always try to save for a rainy day (or into a piggy bank works too.) Each week, I want to start emptying my wallet to keep it at a flat amount (which I’m still deciding on) that will be used for whatever I want. Anything over that fixed amount will be stowed into my piggy bank, which I’ve already got $13.05 saved up. The goal is for this money to grow over the course of the year and save it for either Christmas shopping or whatever might be appropriate.
  • Make time for self-love: February is the month of Valentine’s Day and love. Sure, we show the ones in our lives why we love and adore them, but why don’t we make time for ourselves? We all hustled at the gym in January to step out on the right foot, why not continue to make time to love ourselves and the skin we’re in? This month, I want to take myself on a date (whether it’s to get a massage, go see a movie by myself, however) and make myself feel as great as the important people in my life make me feel. I’m someone who’s incredibly difficult on themselves and it might be daunting, but I also want to take a long hard look in the mirror and find the things I actually like about me, write them down and embrace them.

What are your goals this month? Let me know in a comment!

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