stitch fix unboxing: february ’18

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Believe it or not, I don’t only live in business casual clothes! Lately, I’ve been riding the young professional train a little too long and decided that I needed to tone it down with some casual pieces, especially now that I realize I have a lot more free time on my hands with weekends off.

Thankfully, Monica hooked a girl up with some pieces that could be dressed up or down, which is really appreciated. I really felt that she hit my style choices on the head with the selections she made and my faith is being restored after that disastrous December Fix.

This was one of my more expensive Fixes, coming in with a subtotal of $290, but the Buy 5, Get 25% discount and the styling fee brought it down to $197.50. I had asked for more budget-friendly pieces, as I always will, but the quality of these clothes weren’t bad for the price point.

Here’s what’s inside my Fix this month:

Ink Love & Peace | Kenidy Drawstring Knit Top in XL | $58

I have been obsessed with olive green for a long time now, especially with the blonde hair/bronzed skin combo I’ve been striving for. It’s one of those colors that really works for me and this immediately caught my eye, making it a no brainer to keep.

This top fit like a dream and I loved how soft and cozy it was. For whatever reason, I was drawn to this and could definitely see myself grabbing this for either long road trips or Netflix marathons at a friend’s house. I especially love the cowl neck. Sometimes with drawstrings like this, you can get lost in the neckline or get completely suffocated. This was the perfect balance of both.

This is definitely a more casual piece, suggested being paired with a pair of joggers and a bomber jacket and sneakers or with a pair of jeans and a crop top. I also liked that if I did want to wear it to the gym, you wouldn’t die of heat stroke in it.

Warp + Weft | Marissa Skinny Jeans in 16 | $98

Jeans were the main suggestion for my stylist this Fix because I discovered I was only down to one pair! I’m someone who dreads shopping for jeans because once you think you’ve narrowed down your size, it changes with each brand/company. My body proportions are jacked and finding jeans that fit right in the booty, but aren’t tight in the calf can be a nightmare.

Dark washes are my preferred choice of denims and I loved how these were faded juuuuust enough in the front to create a beautiful silhouette. Monica suggested pairing these jeans with either a sheer bib top or a billowy off the shoulder peasant top.

These jeans were a great fit, aside from the bunching at the ankle, a common problem for someone on the shorter side like me. I truly appreciated the extra stretch in the material, making them a sure fit for that Time of the Month.

However, they didn’t exactly wow me, and for the steep price tag, I expect these jeans to pull some Houdini-level miracles. Since I recently discovered a pair of these miracle jeans at Marshall’s for only $17 (!!!!), I’m holding off on these for now.

Market & Spruce | Zansia Curved Hem Knit Top in XL | $58

You ever just put on something that just makes you want to cancel all your plans and stay home, curled up on the couch with your favorite show? Meet this top.

When I’m saying this was the softest, coziest piece I’ve ever felt, I’m not even joking. Once you put it on, it just makes you feel so comfortable without being overbearingly warm. I also love and appreciate the color story of this top, which is a common theme throughout my wardrobe.

This top screams to be your go-to for weekend errands, being donned with a pair of blue jeans (like the Warp + Weft ones aforementioned) and a leather jacket, or it can be worn on a casual date night with a pair of black frayed skinny jeans and mules.

Since I already picked a piece similar to this last Fix, I decided to opt out on this one. As much as I love black, white and neutral pieces, sometimes I just have to learn to say enough is enough.

Papermoon | Fayette Mixed Material Blouse in XL | $38

When you’re on the plus-side of the spectrum, finding blouses can be a daunting task. You’re either sacrificing room in the tummy to compensate for the Girls, or vice versa. It’s hard to find a top that offers both.

I loved this one from Papermoon because it was truly the best of both worlds. The mixed material offered enough give in the stomach region without suffocating the chest. The cobalt blue was also incredibly complimentary and I could totally envision this during the summer months with a pair of white jeans and sandals.

Monica suggested keeping it casual with a pair of jeans, a duster cardigan and a pair of booties or even strutting it at the office with a cute floral pencil skirt and strappy heel.

The only reason I skipped on this for the time being was because the arm holes were a tiny bit tight. They weren’t uncomfortable by any means, but spending $38 on something that’s ‘just okay’ isn’t what I’m about.

MIX BY 41 HAWTHORN | Abrianna Longsleeved Cardigan in XL | $38

When I first pulled this out of the Fix, I thought this was going to be one of my keeps because loose cardigans have always been and will always be my jam.

There’s no better casual look than a cardigan, a crisp white t-shirt and dark wash jeans in my book and my stylist suggested this with a t-shirt dress and a pair of flats or with a tank top, jeans and wedges.

But when I pulled it out and tried it on, I was immediately turned off by the material of it. You ever get the feeling that something feels cheap and will fall apart in a matter of a few washes? Those were the vibes I was getting with this cardigan.

I loved the color, loved the fit but trusting that gut feeling, I just couldn’t justify spending the money on a navy blue cardigan when I have one that’s been working just fine in my wardrobe for the past three years. It just wasn’t the right time to replace a piece that has no issues with it, but once I retire it, I’ll keep this in mind.

⬇📽 Check out my try-on & unboxing video below 📽⬇

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