ipsy unbagging: february ’18


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Underneath it all.

This month’s GlamBag is all about embracing natural, unfiltered beauty. The things that make us all gorgeous in our own way. I’ve been loving the self-love train lately and when  I saw this theme, I was stoked beyond belief.

The actual bag itself is gorgeous with its muted pink and black lace, a very sexy and timeless look. The products inside help us emcompass the bombshell in all of us, with a lip scrub to buff away any impurities, a palette to help us shine and a leave-in conditioner to help us grow that long mane.

Here’s what’s inside my Ipsy GlamBag this month:

Trust Fund Beauty | Nail Polish in Wine O’Clock

Fewer things can make you feel more sexy than a dark, vampy manicure. Drink up this gorgeous merlot shade from Trust Fund Beauty for all your wine-spiration.

This polish is incredibly easy to apply and I love how opaque it is. Two coats and you’re in business. You also get a little peace of mind because it’s cruelty-free, 10-free, paraben-free, and GMO-free.

I’ve tested another shade from Trust Fund Beauty that I fell in love with the color itself, but the actual wear of the polish didn’t last for more than a few days. At first, I thought maybe it was just the shade color (which was a neon peach), but now I’m starting to think it’s just the polish/brand itself.

TFB would be a good brand to invest in if you switch up your polishes daily, but for someone who tries to extend the life of their mani for as long as they can, this is a no-go.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Pacifica | Beach Crystals Natural Mineral Eye Shadows

I’m a very proud person and I don’t like admitting I’m wrong, but I will definitely fess up when it’s worthwhile.

When I pulled this out of my GlamBag, I was put off by the color story. We’ve learned that I am by no means a purple person and I cringed at the two in this palette, along with the cheap applicator!

But, your girl will try anything at least once and boy was I surprised. The pigment payoff was so rich and creamy and they transferred really well on the lid with brushes. Those purple shades that turned me off at first added just the right amount of shimmer and a pop of color to a neutral look.

I love the convenience of having all these colors in one compact palette and I will not hesitate twice to grab this for a long weekend away.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Marc Anthony | Strengthening Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner

Every time I chop my hair, I live my best life for a week or so, and then I ever regret cutting my hair off, missing my long locks something fierce.

Luckily, Marc Anthony is coming through again with my hair needs. Thanks to Ipsy, I’ve fallen in love with this brand and I’m always hyped whenever I get new goodies in GlamBags. When I saw this, I squealed because I’ve been wanting to implement a healthy hair routine to grow my hair out, without frying it again.

The scent of this leave-in conditioner is so light and refreshing and this doesn’t weigh your hair down. Its caffeine will help protect against breakage, which helps grow those locks faster.

This has quickly become a staple in my blow-dry cocktail after washing my hair and I’m excited to see the long-term results.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

LUXIE BEAUTY | Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249

Who doesn’t love a two-for-one brush?! Especially from one of your favorite brands!

Luxie brushes make up a vast majority of my collection and there’s a few good reasons why. One, Ipsy loves sending me them (which in hand makes me love receiving them!); two, they’re great quality for their price tag and; three, its bristles are synthetic, so no animal testing.

I recently went away for a long weekend and this was the only eyeshadow brush I brought with me. It was perfect because it had a tapered end that made packing shadows easy AF, as well as a fluffy end that made blending a breeze. I was able to create a lot of looks, just by using one brush.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Naked Cosmetics | Vanilla Creme Lip Scrub

One of my must-need products in the winter months is a lip scrub. When the temperatures starts to dip, my lips are the first thing that takes a beating.

I’ve been using my Lush Cosmetics Mint Julep for what seems like an eternity and I was really excited to see this in my GlamBag. However, after testing it, I realize that this won’t be replacing any favorites soon.

Looking at the ingredients, I realize that this might be better off as just a lip balm. The exfoliant in it don’t buff enough of the skin off and it leaves a very weird film on my lips. It’s moisturizing, no doubt, but the exfoliants are too big to really slosh away any dead/chapped skin, which is a major concern of mine in the winter.

The biggest turn-off for me was the fact that this isn’t an edible lip scrub. Most are made with sugar so you can just lick away any excess. This one strictly says not to ingest, which makes me a little curious as to why not. To me, it also didn’t truly smell like vanilla, but rather a really cheaply made scrub, so I didn’t find any desire to eat it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


Red Cherry Eyelashes | Wispy

At one point, I had lashes stock-piled like those coupon clippers hoard laundry detergent. I had lashes for every occasion, but yet found myself just sticking with the same pair, wearing them until the band was too gunky with glue.

Enough was enough when I was getting ready for an event and realized I didn’t have a single pair of lashes that were going to work. And with that realization, I decided that I was going to start my quest for finding reliable lashes.

I have been holding onto my Ipsy Beauty Points for a rainy day and decided to splurge on these gorgeous lashes. I love how natural they look and how they’ll give me some serious length without being too obnoxious.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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