march 2018 workout split

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If something doesn’t work the first time around, you must try again, right? Fall down seven times, stand up eight. Insert any other Yoda-esque insight here to help motivate you.

With February in the books, I’m ready to start gearing up towards the second segment of the 12-week Weight Loss program from Spotebi. I don’t want it to sound discouraging that I struggled with February’s Split, but I like to be honest with myself and it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park.

It’s hard to explain the takeaway I had from February. I was crushing the weight loss workouts at the gym, feeling myself build endurance and get stronger each day. Yet, I could barely walk up and down my stairs that same night. With also implementing the 5-kilometer running routine, I was doing more damage than good by adding a lot of unnecessary stress to my lower body, which I tried to combat by using a muscle roller.

(Side note, massage rolling seemed to really make a difference in my overall appearance to cellulite and it helped in the short-term with muscle aching. If you don’t already own a massage roller, I suggest getting one.)

I decided in Week 3 that I had to put the quits on the running routine simply because I was exhausting all options of my body. Since I hated running, I would dread the weight loss workouts and only half-ass them, trying to preserve energy for running. If I was only focusing on the 5K training, I don’t think it’d be as difficult, but with already burning a lot of energy in the weight loss warm-up and workouts, I was losing steam quick.

It’s not to say that in the future, I won’t return to the 5K training, but I’m not quite ready to commit to it. I made a pact to myself to stick with Spotebi and I’ll continue to make that my top priority because I want to see the results I can obtain using it.

Even though I felt like an 87-year-old woman with my achy muscles, I felt a sudden urge of confidence bloom again. It truly didn’t hit me until I went away to Portsmouth, NH with Ryan for a late Valentine’s Day/birthday weekend. He was taking candid photos of me while we were walking around the downtown area and for once, I didn’t feel like the frumpy potato I had been resonating with since October. I felt like I was glowing and I felt so much more relaxed in my own skin. When shopping, I wasn’t hesitant when trying things on and everything began to fit more comfortably.

I only missed three days out of the month, most of which were due to social engagements. The third day into the routine, a massive snow storm hit my area and I was literally snowed in. So after shoveling my driveway, I decided to take in a lower body yoga flow instead which allowed me to still hit my daily goal, while giving myself some time to reflect.

Unlike January, I started weighing myself more and I felt that my eating habits were starting to get cleaner. I wasn’t as fixated on the things going into my body, but rather making the conscious decision before I could regret it. I kept seeing the number on the scale decrease, therefore, I felt better about my food choices.

My final weigh-in for February was 8.2 pounds off.  So far, I’ve lost 8.6 pounds this year. I really picked up a lot of the slack from January and I’m staying within my goal of 3-5 pounds lost each month.

📌 Here are my monthly fitness goals. If I crush these goals, I’ll allow myself to buy a new pair of sneakers! (But I’ll probably do this anyway. Happy birthday girlfriend, keep crushing it❤)

  • Use 12.5-pound hand weights consistently
  • Lose 3-5 pounds, bringing the year total to 9-15 pounds
  • To KEEP GOING! I finally feel as if I’m in a healthy routine and lifestyle and I want to keep pushing myself to reach new levels. I’m proud of this journey and want to continue to inspire not only myself, but anyone else who needs the love.

⬇📽 Watch my Workout Split video here📽⬇

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