goal digger: march ’18

Go shawty, it’s yo birthday

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Chapter Two: Done✅

February came and went before we could even rub our eyes from the fresh start of January. For me, it was a month of continual growth as I continued to build routines and stay relatively consistent with my goals.

Like January, it wasn’t to say I didn’t have some fun while crushing my goals. I was able to get away to visit Ryan as we went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire over President’s Day Weekend. We ended up doing some sightseeing, like checking out a docked submarine, as well as tasting some craft brews and an incredible pear wine! The original plan was to do a haunted tour of the Portsmouth cemeteries, but someone (cough, cough Ryan!) booked it juuuuuust a few months early. Needless to say, we have a date for sometime in May to go back!

When it came to my goals, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I crushed them. If you checked out my March Workout Split, you’ll see that I lost 8.2 pounds for the month. I was able to chip away at my Reading Challenge and I made some time for some self-love. Even though there were some things I didn’t get a chance to do, like tap into that creative side, I still felt that I was able to utilize the most of my time for the short month.

Here are the goals I want to crush this March:

  • Continue fitness journey: I was able to really pick up the pace last month and bring up the year total of my overall goal. I felt myself build endurance and stamina throughout the month, while also making more conscious food choices and I want to keep continuing that. Cutting out the running routine I had established will allow me to fully commit to the second segment of the Weight Loss Program from Spotebi. I want to lose another 3-5 pounds for the month, bringing the year total to 9-15 pounds lost.
  • Read 2.5 books: I spent a few days in February waiting for a library book in transit and I felt myself lose interest in wanting to complete the challenge. Since starting Kevin Kwan’s series Crazy Rich Asians, I want to finish the next two books (China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems) by the end of this month, while throwing in another quick read.
  • Save up $100 in piggy bank: I think I’ve found a great use for my rainy day fund. I might have wanted to save it up for something at the end of the year, but for our birthdays, Ryan and I decided to pool the money we would have spent on gifts for one another and splurge on an international trip together and Berlin, here we come! I want to start stowing away spending money for the trip, really making larger contributions each paycheck so it won’t hurt nearly as much when we go at the end of June.
  • Find out what I am: Growing up, I get asked a lot what nationality “Lokker” is and to be completely honest with you, we’ve never been able to pinpoint it to one specific thing. “We’re French! We’re German! There’s maybe a little Italian in you!” I’ve always wanted to search my genealogy because it’s fascinating to know where our lineage comes from and for my birthday, my mother bought me the 23andMe service and I’m so excited to (finally) find out about my heritage.
  • Embrace 25 for all it is: This month is my birthday and for the longest time, I’ve been dreading this one: 25 is basically the onset of a quarter life crisis. Instead of looking at it with a negative eye, I want to embrace 25 for all that it is. I want to make the most of opportunities and really embrace the second half of my twenties. My life might not have gone the way I would have envisioned it in my teenage years, but you have to learn to roll with the punches. I’ve decided that I want to make a list of 25 things to do while I’m 25 in my agenda and use it as a reference point on how to grow into a well-rounded person.

What are you goals this month? Let me know in a comment!

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