stitch fix unboxing: march ’18

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When it’s your birthday month, take every single excuse to treat yo’self and live every day as if it’s your special day.

I decided to continue my trend from my February Stitch Fix and ask for some more casual pieces, as well as a fun party dress (in the off-chance I decide to turn in my slippers for my dancing shoes and go out for my birthday).

Shoutout to my stylist Monica for crushing this Fix in terms of price point: This was the most inclusive Fix I’ve received, where all the pieces could have been rocked together, as well as individual pieces to help build my wardrobe. She also helped me step out of my comfort zone with some interesting pieces I wouldn’t normally pick for myself.

This Fix retailed for $264, but with the Buy 5, get 25% code and the styling fee, it would have came to $178. For all the pieces inside, this Fix was among my cheapest and the best bang for my buck.

Here’s what Monica picked for my ninth Fix:

Nine Britton | Vandalie Ponte Dress in XL | $58

Every girl needs a killer Little Black Dress in her collection. It’s just the law of life.

When I first pulled it out of the box, I was a little apprehensive: it almost felt cheaply made, as if it were costume material. I didn’t think that it would fit (well) and I thought it was going to be super unflattering. Boy, am I glad that I was wrong!

While slipping this on, I immediately felt so confident and sexy with its short flowing skirt, but I felt really reserved and classy with its scalloped neckline. I’m someone who doesn’t love to flaunt my chest (something that I’ve come to realize I’m really self-conscious about), so this flirty neckline made me feel much more comfortable, while still showing off one of my favorite features: my freckled shoulders.

It was the best of both worlds and I could automatically see myself not only wearing this out for dinner, drinks and dancing, but also at the office on those Wednesdays I want to have a little fun. My stylist suggested rocking this either on its own with a pair of black pumps and a statement necklace, or with a dusty pink trench coat and heels to match.

This was a no-brainer to keep based on how confident I felt in it and now I’m going to twirl all around the world in this adorable LBD.

Papermoon | Paula Crossback Detail Blouse in XL | $46

I am all for buying multiple articles of clothing if you love how they fit, but sometimes, all you need is one floral blouse in your wardrobe.

I’ve always struggled when finding blouses I like in Fixes, and on the surface, I liked this one. It fit wonderfully and had a cute back detailing that I would have loved to rock with a high top knot on second- or third-day hair.

Then, I looked in my closet and found an eerily similar blouse I picked up at Marshall’s for $4 on clearance. I’m not going to throw shade at Monica for this pick, because I genuinely did like this blouse, but, when I spent $42 less on a top that’s almost identical to it, you’re going to have to pass.

She suggested wearing this blouse with a pair of jeans and black flats on a weekend out, or you could rock it in the office with a suede tan skirt and dusty pink trench coat. These are suggestions I’ll keep for my own bargain I found.

Kaileigh | Nichelle Button Detail Skirt in XL | $44

Sometimes, we have to step outside our comfort zone and try things we’d never grab for ourselves. This is why I love Stitch Fix, because the stylists have such a keen vision for making outfits work, especially pieces that seem like a statement on their own.

At first, I never would have imagined picking this midi-skirt for myself because vertical stripes normally aren’t my jam. The color scheme of navy blue, gold and white was a little daunting on a first impression because I normally stay within the realms of black and white.

When trying it on, I was surprised with how much I actually liked it. I could see it being worn on weekend trips sightseeing or even worn at the office in the upcoming spring/summer months. It was one of those pieces that I really wish I had more things to wear with because I felt it looked flattering, but I skipped for the time being. (Maybe I’ll request it again in a future Fix…)

With Monica’s suggestions, I could see this being a perfect in-between seasons pick-up. It can be worn with a cream chunky turtleneck and denim jacket with booties or with a navy blue body suit and strappy heels once the snow stays away.

Just Black | Ariana Bootcut Jean in Size 16 | $78

It has honestly been almost 10 years since I’ve worn a pair of pants that are NOT skinny legged. That’s not even a joke, I cannot remember the last time I haven’t worn skinny jeans, leggings or compression pants!

Seeing a pair of flared dark-washed jeans in my Fix had me a little excited. Recently, I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and been wearing heeled shoes, whether it being booties or actual pumps. However, I normally only wear heels while I’m at work, a place where I can’t wear jeans, even on a casual Friday.

These were very stretchy and comfortable in every other area of the jeans however I noticed that I was gapping in the back. If I’m spending $78 on a pair of jeans, I want a pair that won’t need any sort of altering or that I’ll outgrow in a few months. For the time being, they’d be too loose but if I were to go down in a size, I feel that’d I’d be too uncomfortable.

If you do pick these up, they can be dressed down with a merlot turtleneck and booties or be worn on a girl’s night out with a blouse and black pumps.

Papermoon | Arsdale Crochet Trim Detail Blouse in XL | $38

I remember being a kid and being so anti-white clothing because I would always fear spilling food on it. Now as an adult, I’ve learned about the magic of Tide Pens and embracing my clumsiness.

When I have a tan, I immediately feel 10 times sexier in white clothing. It just makes you glow and looks very classic. However, there’s a fine line between white and completely sheer and even if you do wear an adorable bra, not everyone is going to want to see it.

That was my biggest gripe with this blouse. It was so sheer and even if I were to layer it with a camisole, it would have looked odd to me. You could wear it under a blazer, but with its detailed sleeves, it would have defeated the purpose. I liked how it fit, but I felt uncomfortable with how sheer it was.

My stylist recommended dressing it down with a long striped duster and jeans or pairing it with a embroidered olive skirt and mules.

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