sephora play unboxing: march ’18

Festival of beauty

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Turn up the volume: It’s festival season!

Though, I’m not someone who will pack my bags and head to Coachella or some of the other major festivals this year, I can appreciate these simplistic beauty products that will help me gear up for the transition of seasons!

I love how the main focus of this Play Box was hair care since we all know that once the temperatures warm up, my desire to do my hair goes waaaaaaaaay down. We might have had a few repeat products, but at least they were favorites 💁🏼.

Here’s what I received in my Play Box this month:

Bobbi Brown | Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

What makes the beauty community so expansive is that there are so many products for so many people. What may work for someone else may not be your holy grail item, and that’s perfectly okay.

I have been a person who wanted to get on board with Bobbi Brown for ages. Knowing people/seeing influencers swear products up and down, I would almost feel guilty when I wouldn’t love a product as much. ‘What was wrong with me?’.  ‘Why isn’t this working?’. ‘But this worked for So-and-So!’

It’s made with light-reflecting pearls that add a subtle glow to tired skin. It’s suppose to brighten and energize tired, dull skin and add an extra pick-me-up on those days you need it. Keep in mind, this cream is on the heavier side, so be cautious on those extra warm days.

I liked the citrus-y scent this product gives off, but I don’t foresee this becoming a replacement for any of the products in my morning routine. It’s nice for those mornings you need some help, but for its price point, I’m content with the primers I already have.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Korres | Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser

Greek yogurt can be a good, healthy treat for you body, so why not make it a treat for your skin too?

Foam cleansers are my preferred formula because nothing seems to get you cleaner than a little suds-action. This one lathers up easily and melts into the skin, helping combat redness and irritation with amaranth and seed extract.

While doing some research on the brand and product, I saw a pretty cool blurb on the Sephora website about this product: “By boosting your skin care routine with protein-rich Greek yogurt, you deliver the same benefits to your skin that protein delivers to your body—helping to nourish, strengthen, and repair.”

I love how subtle, yet heavy duty this cleanser is. It didn’t weigh down my skin, yet it didn’t feel like it didn’t do anything at all. It seems like a perfect cleanser to replace my daily one (that I received in a VoxBox) and coming in at $26 for 5.07 ounces, it doesn’t seem like it will break the bank either.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Supergoop | Defense Refresh

Your sunscreen game is about to get revamped.

I fell in love with Supergoop back in May and have kept them on the back-burner when it came to future sun-care protection. Discovering a setting spray sun-screen (I know, I thought the SAME exact thing), made me fall even more in love and ready to invest.

This bottle is heavy duty with its new spray technology (it legit sounds like spray-paint when you shake it), but it deposits a finer mist, leaving you more covered. This formula not only sets your makeup, it helps protect against harmful UV rays and it helps control shine. A triple threat!

Similar to their original sunscreen, Supergoop is known for its minty scent, but this also has rosemary in it to improve complexion and soothe redness. This product will be perfect to toss in a beach bag (or pop it in the cooler on those beach days for a cool pick-me-up), or in your purse on day trips for touch-ups and protection.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Stila | Stay All Day Eyeliner in Intense Black


Since I’ve recently tested this product out, go check my review here.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

IGK | Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm

How many times have we first tested a product, having a slight hunch about it, and then find out that we were completely wrong about it, for a good reason?

When I first put this product in my hands, I was immediately turned off by the texture, thinking that there was zero way this was going to do anything beneficial to my hair. It felt so goopy and sticky, as if it was going to just wreck my hair and turn it into a giant mess.

But then, a miracle happened. It melted into my hair and added visible shine (even with damp hair!), as well as delivering some serious hydration to my thirsty locks, focusing this on my mid-length to ends, which is where most of my breakage happens. It’s also made with coconut oil that nourishes the hair and helps combat frizz, which will become a huge staple in my summertime haircare routine.

When my hair dried, my hair looked and felt much softer and shinier than ever before. I’m someone who struggles having shiny hair without bogging it down with a lot of products, ultimately resulting in grease-head. I’ve used it on damp hair and let it air-dry, but this can also be used on dry hair to add more shine.

It also helps that its strong scent of guava, coconut water, pink lotus, midnight violet, and vanilla give me alllllll the summertime vibes and lasts long after it dries.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Amika | Nourishing Mask

Second time’s a charm.

I received this in my April ’17 Birchbox and I was so confused on how to use it. Silly, naive Sarah, why would we look up instructions online? That would just make too much sense!

Vaguely remembering how I felt about it, I was excited to try it out again, this time with a fresh perspective on how I look at my hair. I’ve been trying to implement hair masks at least once a week (mainly because I’ve been trying to clean out my hair products, but also because I suffer from pretty serious breakage since going blonde.)

First off, this stuff smells incredible. Second off, I could immediately feel how heavy duty, yet light, this mask was while applying it all over my hair. It deeply conditions and left my hair feeling more manageable, even before rinsing. This mask is also suppose to help restore and repair damaged hair, while adding shine, softness and elasticity.

I’ve been on a search high and low for a mask that I can treat myself to. This might have become the golden product, especially coming in at $28 for an 8-ounce tub.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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