book review: rich people problems

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In the third installment of the Crazy Rich Asians series, we get thrown right back into the mix with the most elite families of Singapore in a battle of royal and title.

This time, we learn that grandmother and patriarch of the family, Su Yi, is on her deathbed and most of the Shang-Young family comes to pay their respects, but more importantly, learn who will inherent Tyersall Park, the gorgeous 64-acre home that the family grew up in. Inheriting this would mean the utmost honor and credibility in Singapore.

Nicholas Young, who hasn’t spoke to his grandmother since she defied him to marry Rachel Chu, an American-born Chinese woman. Nearly five years later, he decides to put aside his prejudice and apologize to his grandmother, the woman that practically raised him. As if no time had passed, Su Yi accepts his apology, just hours before she passes away.

We also follow the development of Astrid and Charlie. When we left them in China Rich Girlfriend, the two rekindled their relationship and proceed forward with (finally) marrying one another. However, their ex-partners have something else in mind and throw wrenches into their plan, hoping to taint their reputations.

Just like CRG, we follow Kitty Pong/Tai/now Bing, as she married Jack Bing and became the step-mother of Collette Bing. Yes, that Collette Bing. However, after leaving ex-boyfriend Carlton, she marries royalty and subtly ruins Kitty’s life one coincidence at a time, all without ever meeting her.

Just like the previous books, author Kevin Kwan entices us into the world of the rich and famous with ridiculousness. Out of the three, this might have been my favorite story because death is one of those things we all come to terms with, no matter what lifestyle we come from. Our graves are all the same size, and it’s refreshing to see how humbled the families are once they learn about Su Yi’s will.

In the past, I’ve always felt sympathy for Rachel being thrown into the mix, but this time I can’t help but have some remorse for Nicholas. This time around, he has to swallow his own pride and accept the fact that the woman who raised him into the man is became is near her end, and even though they didn’t end of the best of terms, he was able to apologize, just in time before having to live with that regret for forever.

Without spoiling it, the ending seems fairly predictable in terms of a ‘happy ever after’. I’m not complaining about it, because it was a feel-good story, but don’t be surprised for its cliche ending.

Having read all three of Kwan’s books, I appreciate the kind of writer he is. If he were to release another story in this series, I would make it a priority to read it, already being committed to these characters.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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