april ’18 workout split

Your only limit is YOU

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One of the biggest things I’ve learned on this fitness journey is that first and foremost, you have to listen to your body. For someone who’s a perfectionist like I am, it’s hard to realize that sometimes your body just isn’t on the same page that your mind and heart are. The intentions might be there, but when you become ‘comfortable’, that’s when you become complacent.

As much as I love etching an hour to myself at the gym, I’ve almost started to grow bored of the same routine each day. One of the last workouts of the month I had, I found myself half-assing it and clock watching. That’s never been an issue for me, and feeling it now, it’s starting to get me irritated with myself. It’s time to bring it to ground zero, self-reflect and get back to my intentions of why I’m doing this for myself.

I celebrated my 25th birthday this month and I used that as a major excuse to skip days and become very lax with my dietary needs. (I think my direct quote was ‘Who goes to the gym on their birthday?! Pass me another piece of cake.’). I became very inconsistent with making the time to go to the gym and even more inconsistent with my eating habits. I blame it being Easter time because I absolutely DO NOT have the will power to say no to Cadbury Mini Eggs!

However, in the same breath, my weight did not flex as much as my mind was thinking it did, ultimately playing tricks on me. I had gained a pound or so from my month start weight, but as for the year total, I was still under by six or seven pounds.

As disappointed as I was in myself for not continuing to lose weight, I realized now (more than ever) how important diet really does go in hand with the sessions at the gym. You won’t see the results if you don’t put as much work in the kitchen as you do in the gym.

My final weigh-in for March was 0.2 pounds lost, bringing the year total to 9.5 pounds. I knew going in that March was going to be difficult, but now realizing the glaring issue of my diet needs to be adjusted. I’m not going to punish myself, but rather regroup and simply move forward.

This month will be the final installment of the Weight Loss Program as well as it being crunch time. Ryan and I have a wedding to attend this month in New Hampshire and, although I still feel radiant and glowing, I want to take part of this month to cut and slim down as much excess water weight that I can. Cue sweat sessions at the gym in a make-shift sauna suit!

Since I know I won’t be able to hit the gym while we’re away, I’m considering the three weeks leading up to the wedding to be go-time, really staying strict to my diet and workouts. My grandmother (who lives with us and cooks the most incredible, yet unhealthy foods), will be away for the next two weeks, so I plan on incorporating a lot of meal prep to stay within my goals.

Once I wrap up the Weight Loss Program, the plan is to immediately start Spotebi’s Bikini Body Program. This will be an eight-week program that will continue to slim and sculpt my body, ending right before we go to Germany in June.

📌 Here are my goals for April:

  • Continue to use 12.5-pound hand weights consistently
  • Finish the third segment strong
  • Lose 3-5 pounds

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