stitch fix unboxing: april ’18

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We’re goin’ to the chapel and they’re gonna get married 👰🏼

Ryan and I have a wedding to attend this month in New Hampshire and I thought what better time to fully utilize a personal stylist (that I already ‘pay’ for!).  I had requested for wedding-appropriate dresses and accessory pieces so I didn’t have to fuss with wasting time searching each store for the perfect combo.

Samantha hooked a sister up with some gorgeous dresses, however, they just weren’t appropriate enough for my taste. (It also didn’t help I found the most perfect springtime wedding dress at Express for $31 days before my Fix was scheduled to come!)

This was among the cheaper Fixes I’ve received, with all five pieces coming in at $222, but with the Buy All 25% discount and the styling fee, it brought it down to $146.50!

Here’s what Samantha picked for my 10th overall Fix:

8 Other Reasons | Primadonna Hoop | $38

As I mentioned in my January Fix, I’m not normally someone who opts for earrings as a make-or-break accessory piece for an outfit.

I have never been a big hoop wearer, but I do like these for a change of pace. They’re a little bit thicker in width than I’d normally pick for myself, but the circumference of them aren’t too daunting. (After all, bigger the hoop, the bigger the … you know the saying!)

These hoops are brushed gold makes them a bit more muted, which gives it more of a chic feel.

In terms of the wedding, I plan on being in charge of my own hair and makeup and I have already decided on keeping it simple. (After all, I don’t know the bride and groom, I’m only going as Ryan’s plus-one.)  Since I won’t be trying my hand on an elaborate up-do, I’m going to skip on these.

French Grey | Melcy Brushed Knit Dress in XL | $38

I felt anything but blue when I laid my hands on this breezy dress.

This simple, yet oh-so flattering dress is flowy, making it a perfect pick-up for the upcoming summer. It flows, it swings and it doesn’t cling to the wrong areas, even though its material might make you feel otherwise. The neckline is flattering, as it shows off my sun-freckled shoulders and more profound collarbones.

Samantha suggested pairing it with the aforementioned hoop earrings as well as an ankle strap heel. To extend the life of this dress, she suggested dressing it down with a denim jacket and an embroidered slip-on sandal as well as a pairing it with blazer and loafers for those 9-to-5 days.

By no means would I consider this wedding appropriate (or at least a spring-time wedding in New Hampshire), but I will definitely keep this in mind for when I’m looking on shopping for our upcoming Germany trip because I could see this being a perfect dress on a hot day with a pair of cute Ked sneakers.

Lux & Co | Anabella Knit Maxi Dress in XL | $54

I remember when the maxi dress trend started a few years back. For someone of average height (5’5″), I was so scared to try them out because I thought they’d look stupid on me.

Take the fashion risk, girlfriend. You never know how surprised you can be!

Not only is this dress insanely comfortable, it’s also incredibly flattering on my short frame. It fell at the perfect length, which could allow me to wear it with sandals or with a strappy wedge like my stylist suggested.

I liked this dress a lot because of how comfortable it was. It had a belt to either tighten or loosen the waistline, meaning your girl can indulge at the carving station.

My only real downfall with this is the neckline: those flowers along the neck are similarly close to my skin color and it made me constantly think that I was close to a nip-slip. (Which was nearly impossible for how high-cut it is!)

For the wedding, I skipped this pick, but I definitely will consider for a future Fix.

Nine Britton | Niya Scallop Detail Knit Dress in XL | $68

After falling in love with last month’s Nine Britton dress, I was elated when I saw another one. They have quickly become one of my favorite brands discovered from Stitch Fix, so much that I’ve looked into shopping them outside of Fixes.

I’m a sucker for scallop detailing so I immediately favored this out of the picks by Samantha. I usually don’t step out and flaunt in red, simply because I taught myself to steer away from reds when I was a redhead. (Which was nearly a year-and-a-half or so!)

When I put it on, I was disappointed. I liked how it fit and it was comfortable, however it made me look hippier than I am. A pair of Spanx would have fixed this problem, but I still wasn’t loving this dress enough to spend the money on it.

That scallop detailing was also a little lackluster once I got it on. If the top was tighter, I probably would have liked it more, but if I were to drop to a large, I’m afraid I would have been compensating in other areas.

Samantha suggested wearing this with a denim jacket and slip-on mules, or wearing it with a blazer and ankle strap heels for a date night look.

Jill Michael | Avery Orbit Cuff | $28

Bracelets are a hit-or-miss with me. Sometimes, I don’t mind chiming away, other times, I get annoyed with having to constantly shove them down my arm.

I immediately fell in love with this cuff because of its asymmetrical design. It’s untraditional and I love how simple it is. I live by the notion that less is usually more, and I could see myself opting for only this piece with any of the dresses Samantha selected for me.

As I mentioned earlier, I already picked out a dress before even receiving this Fix, so I was more-so looking at the accessories. This will pair perfectly with the dress I picked (which is a light pink color) and I’m quite excited snatching it for only $10 (with the $20 styling fee applied.)

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