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It has been a real minute since I’ve received a fully-loaded VoxBox with samples from several companies. In fairness, I love any and all complimentary samples, but I love the VoxBoxes that have a little bit of everything!

The Iconic VoxBox is loaded with a bunch of products that will help you get the night started. Whether it’s a girl’s night out, a special event like a wedding or even just a little R&R, I’m sure you’ll find a new favorite product in this collection. I know I did!

All of the products were sent complimentarily for testing purposes. To sign up for your chance to win a VoxBox, click here!

Here’s what was inside my complimentary Iconic VoxBox:

VELOUR LASHES | Would I Lie Lash & Lash Adhesive

I like to designate false lashes for special occasions. It’s mainly because I’m lazy and I just don’t have time to fuss with trimming and aligning lashes on the fly.

These were a perfect length for an everyday lash, apparent to their namesake of short and sweet. They aren’t daunting like most fake lashes and look as natural as a few (extra) coats of mascara. These would be perfect for those first playing with falsies or who like an everyday lash, and with how easy these apply, I could quickly become that person!

Making this even more user friendly is Velour’s lash adhesive. I have been faithful to the Revlon lash adhesive for as long as I’ve been dabbling in makeup, but this might quickly replace it as a favorite. This latex-free adhesive turns bright blue when the adhesive is that perfect tacky consistency, letting you see where you’re applying, but don’t worry, it dries down invisible and totally seemless.

These lashes lasted me all day, including through an intense core workout at the gym! I would have had to reapply some adhesive if I were to take these into the night, but logging in a 12-hour day with no fuss is impressive enough.

What makes these even better? These lashes claim to have 20+ uses in them.

PATCHOLOGY | Wink & A Kiss FlashPatch 5 Minute Hydrogels

I had a lot of high expectations for these patches when I opened them up, because who doesn’t a quick pick-me-up before a night out on the town or in bed?

There are a lot of other pick-me-ups you can use, I wouldn’t recommend these for a handful of reasons, but the main one being it didn’t do a damn thing for me!

The under-eye patches didn’t have nearly as much serum on them as I anticipated and they dried immediately after application. I didn’t feel any sort of miracles being worked while it sat on my skin, and if anything, all the jelly patches did was leave me with a cooling sensation.

When it came to the lip patch, it was a lot of the same with too little serum for a big patch. The lip hole in the patch wasn’t nearly big enough but the patch wouldn’t stay in place either. Plus, the serum didn’t exactly taste outstanding with the patch.

The patches ripped too easily and when it came to the overall result, I didn’t exactly notice one. The lip patch did hydrate my lips, but I don’t think they’re absolute lifesavers and the under-eye patch was just as useless.

HOPE FRAGRANCES | Hope Eau de Parfum

The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize a) it’s entirely okay to feel like you’re struggle and b) no matter how hard I try, I’m just not going to love floral scents.

Hope is made with four white flowers – lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia (my favorite) and tuberose. It definitely gives off some garden vibes and it leaves a long-lasting scent, which would be ideal if you actually liked those smells.

This perfume has a very strong mission statement: to give hope. Hope donates 100% of its net profit to depression research at Hope for Depression Research. Founder and Chairman Audrey Gruss created this uplifting fragrance after her late mother, who suffered from depression.

For someone who has struggled with depression bouts in her adult-life, this message really hit home for me. When I first saw the hefty price tag on this perfume, I was appalled, but finding that all proceeds go towards research, it made me more apt to look into products from this collection.

GO SMILE | Teeth Whitening Gel, Luxury Mint Toothpaste & Stain Eraser

Would you believe me if I told you I have never had a cavity? How I about I never wore braces or that I have never had any major dental work done? Well, it’s all true, you can even ask my dentist. I was going to brag for a hot minute about how I never had a cavity, but as fate would have it, I discovered I have two cavities after my most recent dentist visit and I’m hella upset about it.

Only recently have I been trying to establish a nighttime routine of brushing, flossing and using mouthwash (I’ll be the first to admit that I was really guilty of just going to bed without brushing my teeth… so I really wanted to break a bad habit). I couldn’t have received this at a better time!

The toothpaste was subtly mint tasting, but it does foam up and get your mouth feeling squeaky clean. Pairing it with the teeth whitening gel has really brighten my smile in the long run, but I don’t foresee myself abandoning Crest anytime soon.

However, we have got to talk about the teeth whitening gel. It honestly tastes terrible and the texture can be troublesome for those who don’t like gels, but I promise if you can get past that, it’s worthwhile because it has really whitened my teeth, making them pearly white. I don’t have awful stains on my teeth (thanks to a home remedy), but I did notice a major difference after using consistently for a week.

When it came to the stain eraser, I was definitely not a fan. To activate the sample, you had to literally squeeze the tube until it “popped” (or in my case crack very loudly) and then hardly press the cotton end into my teeth before realizing that product was seeping out. It didn’t taste exactly like the mint I was hoping and anticipating, but I guess it did its job.

ORIGINS | Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

I love when you get bonus samples of products you already love, especially when it’s a product you’ve been discussing with friends.

I’ve already received this in a Sephora Play, so I decided to stow this away for a friend who was asking my thoughts about it so she can test it out firsthand.

ST MORIZ | St. Moriz Professional Wash Off Tan in Medium

True life: I have zero pigmentation in my legs. 👻 I have a nice, golden tan everywhere else on my body, but my legs are albino white. Blame it on my European ancestors.

If I’m to be completely real here, I was scared sh!tless when I was testing this product for the first time. We’ve all had our mishaps with fake tan: it ends up on white sheets, you forget to blend out your knees or worst of all orange palms. I have never been a big fake tan person, so I was really anxious to test it out.

When I opened the foil, I was even more scared to see the nearly-black goop inside. Taking a tiny amount to start, I worked it on my lower leg and noticed that we were going to need a LOT more to make any sort of gain.

With more product, I felt more confident that it blended out with such ease and that it dried down super quick, making this easy to use on the fly. Because this was a medium shade range, it gave me the perfect touch of color to catch up with the rest of my body.

If you have a tanning mitt glove, I highly recommend you use that over bare palms because this stuff does stain. It claims to wash off easily with soap and water, but it took me three separate washes get them back to normal.

You might have made me a believer, St. Moriz, because this will come in clutch for the upcoming summer dress season, since the good Lord knows my legs won’t tan on their own.

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