resolutions 2018: first quarter review

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First quarter: Done ✅

The first three months of 2018 are in the books and I might be a little biased, but I think 2018 just might be my best year yet. After spending many years in a funk of depression and complacency, I finally feel as if I have a grip on my life and I’m commanding the changes that I want to see for myself and crushing all of the goals.

I spent a majority of the first quarter establishing a lot of routines and habits for myself so I couldn’t make anymore excuses. I rarely felt like my goals were chores and I was genuinely excited to cross of items on my daily To-Do list, which is something I haven’t felt in a loooooong time.

Besides the month of March, which was just a big ol’ hiccup all around, I really took the time to get into a groove and figure out just what it was I wanted to accomplish for myself, so I could be out here living my best life.

Here’s how I did with the first quarter:


As I say every year, this is the one resolution topic that I struggle with the most. I really need to learn to give myself some slack when it comes to my creative side because it’s tough work promoting your own brand and creating your own content for a YouTube channel and a website!

I said that I wanted to narrow down a creative hobby for myself while also taking time to detox and reduce stress with some colored pencils. I’ll be the first to admit that I never even went as far as opening a coloring book or browsing instruments to play on the internet.

This resolution and what I had intended for it to be was definitely put on the back-burner of my mind and I wasn’t in any rush to fulfill it. If we’re being totally fair, it probably won’t be a major focus of mine either heading into the second quarter…

I’ve decided to break down the second quarter goal into something much smaller because I think it’s overwhelming for me to look at it as a wide-open interpretation of what creativity is. I have always wanted to learn the piano, not appreciating the handful of lessons I took as a child and I think this will be a great way to not only kickstart this resolution topic, but also to unwind and teach myself something from ground zero.

Second Quarter Goals:

  • Purchase a keyboard and begin practicing two times a week


I’m not quite the level of wealthy like Uncle Scrooge diving into piles of coins in DuckTales, but I still feel pretty confident knowing that I have some money saved up.

This resolution has been a work in progress, even though I didn’t stick to my goals as closely as I intended. When I created this Resolution, I really didn’t keep tabs on it, but rather, roll with monthly goals that seemed more obtainable on a grander scheme. In one breath, I was really proud of the small monthly goals I was crushing, but when it came to the first quarter, I just wasn’t on the same page.

The biggest takeaway I noticed was that I had budgeted a LOT better this year and actually was able to make paychecks go a lot further, while stowing away money in various places, whether that be a Europe fund or the rainy day fun.

I wasn’t overspending on things I didn’t need (though I spent enough on sushi…), I was being more responsible by only using cash or my debit card for the odds and ends things I wanted/needed and very rarely did I swipe my credit cards, unless it was for something major like a dentist bill or contacts.

Budgeting for our upcoming trip to Europe has been going a lot better than I anticipated and I’m quite proud of myself for being able to stow away $50 per paycheck to save up nearly $800 before we go. This way, I’m not stressing about trying to pay bills and use money from my everyday funds and I can go with an allotment of ‘free’ spending money.

I think realizing that I wasn’t in tune with my resolution goals gave me a better glimpse on how to correct the situation, which is EXACTLY WHY I’M DOING QUARTERLY CHECK-INS! (Yay for proving points!). The second quarter goals will be much smaller compared to the original plans, but still obtainable while being able to enjoy myself.

Second Quarter Goals:

  • Bring emergency fund balance to $250 (the current balance for this account is rather high, coming in about $715)
  • Save up to $300 in rainy day fund
  • Bring balance of Express store credit card to $250 (the current balance for this account is $415)


If you’ve been following any of my workout splits, you’ll have a glimpse of how this resolution has been suffering going, which is why I won’t break down fully. You should go look at those instead, since that’s the major resolution we all want to accomplish.

In general, I definitely felt that the first quarter was used to establish that hate/love relationship with the gym: I hated having to go, I hated the muscle fatigue and I hated the restricted calorie count, but I absolutely loved the endorphins running rapid and the results I was seeing on and off the scale.

My confidence has been booming, I’m roughly two pounds away from my lowest point last year and I feel that I have finally found that equilibrium of diet and exercise.

Second Quarter Goals:

  • Lose another 15 pounds


We might as well completely scratch the intellectual goals from the first quarter. I guess that’s what’s going to happen when you’re always growing and learning!

Once we finalized our trip to Germany (and then Amsterdam!), I quickly decided it was time to switch over and invest all my time into the languages of the lands we’d be visiting. Learning the cyrillic alphabet won’t do me any justice right now, but someday down the road it might.

The reading challenge has become something that I look forward to each day now that I’ve hit the fun part of my To-Read list. Establishing a nightly routine of unwinding an hour before bed (which has me averaging about 40 pages a night) has not only help achieve this goal, but also ease myself into sleep once I put the book down. I blew through my first quarter goal and I anticipate making similar strides when it comes to the second quarter.

As aforementioned with purchasing a keyboard, I really want to teach myself one full song (what song, I’m not quite sure yet), so putting the goal down twice might help enforce me to actually do it.

Second Quarter Goals:

  • Continue to learn German and Dutch
  • Read another 8 books, bringing year total to 15
  • Teach self one song on the piano

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