may ’18 workout split

I work out because my great personality could use a banging body 💁🏼

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Crunch time = one burnt Sarah.

It’s truly amazing how much you can accomplish once you put your head down and get to work. In my April Split, I mentioned that the first three weeks of the month were going to be dedicated to my waist trainer and pushing limits as I tried to slim up for a wedding. I’m happy to report that not only was I able to tone up, but I was also hovering above my lowest weight last year (by two pounds) right before I left for my weekend away!

However, your body takes the brunt of an 18-day grind and I was definitely feeling crispy after the bustle of gym/work/travel/wedding. There might have been some half-assed workouts towards the end of the stretch, but I still considered it as a major improvement from March’s Split, which is a setback I’m still struggling to get over.

After coming home from the wedding, I derailed for a few days, indulging in Taco Bell and Moe’s for lunch when I shouldn’t have. It didn’t help that I wasn’t exactly faithful while away, but who can honestly say no to an appetizer sampler at 11 at night while on vacation? Certainly not me!

It’s so important to listen to your body, not just physically, but also mentally. During my 18-day grind, I noticed that my attention span was starting to suffer because I was so preoccupied with the several different things on my To-Do list. It got to the point that my work was starting to be affected, as I became unmotivated and straight-up disobedient when it came to my assignments. In order to snap the funk, I called in one day just to allow myself to relax and unwind, so I could regroup and regain focus on my goals.

One day turned into three days away from the gym, but I was honestly okay with it. I knew that if I were to try and suffer through those workouts, I would have just been unhappy with my lack of fire and more disappointed in myself, so it was better to give myself some time off.

My final weigh-in for April was 3.5 pounds lost, bringing the year total to 10.4 pounds. This was one of the first times during my fitness journey that I actually looked and felt thinner and healthier! I had sort of plateaued since February, but I’ve finally gotten over the hump and felt much more confident, even if I ate like a garbage disposal. My muscles were starting to look more defined and my waist had thinned out immensely, courtesy of that trainer (which, a) I loved because it gave me an intense sweat session every workout; and b) I hated because my insides hurt so much!)

Now that my R&R period is over, it’s time to start another Spotebi program! Summer is right around the corner, so I’ve decided to start the Bikini Body Program. (You can also do this challenge along with Spotebi, but their challenge starts May 14th! I’ve decided to start it now, since it will wrap up the week before I go to Europe!)

This is an 8-week slim-down and sculpting program that is different compared to programs of the past: Instead of six days of workouts and one day active rest, this program is five days of workouts with two active rest days breaking up the week on Sundays and Wednesdays.

The workouts are also different, which will hopefully help spearhead the body into burning more fat. Some workouts will be the typical 30-minute HIIT workouts (broken down into 9 minutes HIIT/1 minute rest x3), while some will be 30 minutes workouts broken down into 10 workouts, repeating the first five moves three times through, with a minute rest before completing the last five moves three times through.

Even though this program is lighter when it comes to the schedule, it will definitely kick my ass because the workouts are more challenging. With two active rest days, my plan is to start incorporating trips to a local nature trail, if this weather ever breaks! Not only will it help with additional calories burnt, it also gets me outside and utilizing a great resource in my community.

📌 Here are my goals for May:

  • Complete every gym day on calendar
  • Continue to use 12.5-pound hand weights consistently
  • Start walking/running nature trail once a week
  • Lose 3-5 pounds

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