stitch fix unboxing: may ’18

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It seems like the first time in a long time that I don’t have a special event coming up where I’m in a pinch for some new clothes. But, does anyone ever really need an excuse for a wardrobe overhaul? 🤔

My stylist Caitlin still came through with some great picks to help take my closet from office to outing with a bunch of pieces that could be either dressed up or dressed down. The older I get, the more I realize how important first impressions are and I usually opt to dress a little nicer than the typical jeans and t-shirt whenever I get an opportunity.

Plus, it’s always a confidence boost (& an act of self-love) to treat yourself and dress up from time to time. Who needs an excuse!

I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck, opting for things that I can wear to a bunch of different occasions. This month’s Fix subtotaled $223, but with the Buy All discount and my Styling Fee, it came to $147.25, which isn’t terrible for all of these wardrobe building pieces.

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 11th overall Fix:

Status | Berkeley Mock Neck Blouse in XL | $44

Springtime calls for fun prints on cute blouses.

I don’t usually opt for red or orange because I never thought they were complimentary to my skin tone, but I really gravitated towards this print/color scheme, so great job by Caitlin. I loved how you could pull out the neutral shades of black, white and grey so it literally adds a pop of color to your wardrobe.

As much as I loved the design of this top at a first glance, I hated it on my body. It fit like a dream in the chest, arms and stomach, but I absolutely hated the scrunchy material in the neckline. Even though I was someone who jumped so quickly on the choker train trend, I draw my line on something that’s itchy and uncomfortable. If the neckline wasn’t that elastic material, I would have compromised and maybe settled for it.

My stylist suggested either wearing this casually with a pair of jeans and pointed orange flats or dressing it up with a navy blue skirt and strappy heel.

Kaileigh | Feya Knit Dress in XL | $48

The second the weather starts to turn, I shed the heavy sweaters and treat myself to as many summer dresses as I can. It’s really hard not to feel confident, sexy and flirty in a swingy dress. Plus, it’s less laundry you have to do because you’re not matching as many clothes. Win-win!

Not only was the print of this dress super adorable, I immediately fell in love with how it fit. Its neckline isn’t revealing and I love the back detailing of this because I can make the excuse for a romantic updo. (It’s basically because your girl is lazy af and doesn’t like doing her hair during the summer, as we all have come to know here!)

The material makes it a little heavier, so it’d be perfect for those cool spring mornings. It’s swingy, breezy and in all just a fun dress to stash in your closet.

My only ‘gripe’ is that it was a little tight across my chest and my shoulders, but it’s not enough to turn me away from this. It was my keep this month and I’m excited to wear this to the office, out on a date or even just running errands.

MIA | Pecora D’Orsay Flat in Size 9 | $49

Only recently have I become one of those girls who obsesses over shoes. I have never been someone who thinks that shoes make or break an outfit, but I’ve been feeling a little drab with my current collection and needed to spice it up.

These orange suede flats are right up my alley when it comes to my style because I love the almond pointed toe. They’re a fun color that could have worked with a couple of the pieces in this Fix and I really liked them. Until I tried them on.

The ankle strap rode too high on me and it would have definitely caused some blisters I wasn’t ready to break in. I also didn’t love how loose the strap felt and how my foot felt un-secure in the shoe, as if I was going to walk right out of them. If there was an additional strap or maybe if the toe was a little bit higher, I would have said yes, but I wasn’t about to pay $49 on a pair of shoes that I wasn’t comfortable in.

Renee C | Lydia Ruched Knit Skirt in XL | $ 38

I have learned to instill my faith in the stylists at Stitch Fix because they’ve pretty much nailed my body type. However, sometimes you gotta say a quick prayer when you try it on because you don’t think it’ll fit over the booty.

On a first impression, I actually thought this was a tube top because of how ruched it was. I’m not someone who loves ruched designed clothing because it doesn’t do anything for my body type, but when I got this skirt on, I was really confronted because it created some gorgeous silhouettes that I liked.

I just couldn’t commit myself to it because it did make me feel self-conscious in my stomach area. I felt that even with a pair of Spanx, it would have been too noticeable.

My stylist suggested pairing it with a white peasant top or wearing a paisley-print blouse and leather jacket for a fun night out look.

Hailey 23 | Brayton Cold Shoulder Top in XL | $44

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to wear off-the-shoulder tops but having shoulders that don’t cooperate and don’t want wear off-the-shoulder tops. They’re either too narrow or too wide and they simply don’t work.

Thankfully, there’s security straps on this top! I wish they were a little bit longer because they made the top fall awkwardly on me and I think it would have been more flattering. I loved the sleeves because it’s not a full commitment to bell sleeves and they’re not obnoxiously large.

As much as I liked this top, I just wasn’t in absolute love with it. For whatever reason, I couldn’t see myself wanting to wear it. It would have been cute to wear at the office with a pair of mute pink trousers or out for dinner with the girls with a light tan jacket and chunky heel.

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