june ’18 workout split

The past is where you learn the lessons, the future is where you apply them

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If we’re going to be honest here, I’m probably better off not even posting an assessment on May’s Workout Split because I only worked out for 14 days… But to be entirely fair, it really wasn’t my fault.

Let me explain.

My cousin and her fiancé were home visiting from Minnesota at the beginning of the month and I had consciously made adjustments to my schedule so I was able to spend quality time with them as well as configuring my work schedule because of an event I had to work overtime for.

I didn’t hesitate twice to shake up gym times and I felt even better about my already legitimate time management skills, because I was able to juggle work, my social life and the gym while keeping my sanity.

Then, I was involved in a car accident, where I was rear-ended. Thankfully, no one was hurt and cars can be fixed. However, it put a major burden on my life because then I had to deal with insurance claims, phone calls and doctors appointments to make sure everything was actually in-line and okay.

Immediately after the accident, I went through my regular motions and actually continued going to the gym, but the third day post-accident, I felt as though I was suffering from an acute form of whiplash. Just to play it safe, I put myself on the IR and waited to get in and see my doctor.

My once legitimate time management skills took a backseat because I had gone to see Ryan and the following weekend, he came up here for Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely made a plethora of excuses not to work out, but unlike March’s Workout Split, I didn’t feel remotely bad about skipping the gym.

My final weigh-in for May was 2.2 pounds lost, bringing the year total to 13.2 pounds. Even though this month wasn’t great in the long-term goal, I still feel fantastic and much more confident compared to the start of the year or in recent history. I don’t see this month as a total loss, but rather a reflecting period to get back in touch with my goals.

The goal is to finish the second installment of the Bikini Body Workout Program from Spotebi. This program will wrap up the day before I leave for Europe (perfect timing on my part!). It’s more of the same workouts from the first half, but they’ll be even more challenging for someone who hasn’t been chugging along from the beginning…

Since the Crunch Time before the April wedding was such a success, I plan on digging that waist trainer out again and doubling up on layers for sweat sessions. My ultimate plan is to really hunker down and cut all of the bad sh!t out and push myself at the gym to pick up the slack from May.

The three weeks leading up to our Europe trip will literally be hell, but the deprivation will make it worth while when I’m indulging in currywurst and beers while away.

📌 Here are my goals for June:

  • Complete every gym day on calendar, aka Crunch Time 2.0
  • Continue to use 12.5-pound hand weights consistently
  • Lose 3-5 pounds

⬇📽 Watch my June Workout Split video below (& don’t forget to subscribe!) 📽⬇

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