stitch fix unboxing: june ‘18

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☝🏼 We have a first here on Life With Sarah: YOUR GIRL BOUGHT EVERYTHING IN HER STITCH FIX!!!

Unlike last month, I had requested for some budget friendly pieces that I could pack with me for my upcoming trip to Europe and my stylist Caitlin hooked a sister UP with this month’s Fix! (I also love how she took the time to acknowledge my request by throwing some suggestions of things to do while abroad!)

Every single piece in this Fix fit like a glove and there wasn’t one thing I wanted to part without. Another reason I bit the bullet and purchased this entire Fix was its price tag. Coming in at a total of $134.50 (including the Buy All 25% discount and the Styling Fee), this was a no-brainer to keep while considering the prices of items individually.

Not everything will be making the trek with me, but this Fix was definitely a casual wardrobe builder, which is always appreciated.

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 12th overall Fix:

ID: 23 | Carrie Distressed Girlfriend Jean in Size 16 | $68

I remember being younger and always wanting distressed jeans because all the cool girls at school wore them. I would raid the shelves at American Eagle and dump so much money into a pair of jeans that had more holes in them than fabric. Younger me was so impressionable!

The older I’ve gotten, the more I appreciate a crisp pair of dark wash blue jeans, sans holes. However, I really liked these when I pulled them out because the holes weren’t that obnoxious, besides the one on the back pocket that I kept getting my finger caught in while fishing out my phone!

The straight leg shocked me because normally I’m someone who lives for skinny jeans. These were roomy in the calf and I liked how Caitlin had them rolled, which created a chic look to them. I wasn’t exactly in love with the fit of these because they fell a bit short on my waist. I prefer high-waisted jeans to suck in my tummy and create a skinner silhouette, but these are wicked comfortable. They might be a little loose in the waist, but if I were to size down to a 14, I think they’d be too tight.

Caitlin suggested these jeans with a striped tank top, a bomber jacket and sneakers for sightseeing during the day while dressing them up with a peasant top and ankle booties for a night out on the town.

Staccato | Katara Crossfront Tank Top in XL | $34

It’s always a breath of fresh air when you find a piece of clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable, while also being incredibly fashionable!

As someone who considers blue a major color scheme in her wardrobe, I immediately fell in love with this top when I unboxed it. The second I put it on, I knew it was a match-made in heaven because it fit like a dream and it was super flattering. Thanks to its hidden in-stitch in the front, this cross-front top wasn’t too revealing, while still making me feel confident and sexy with its billowy fit.

I loved how cool and comfortable I felt in this. It would be perfect for those warm afternoons where we’ll be exploring and I anticipate me packing this for the journey! If not, this will definitely be worn for some nights out in the future.

Pair this tank top with a long duster cardigan, light washed jeans and slip-on sandals for an afternoon touring museums or with a distressed denim skirt and wedge for a quick bite at a cafe.

Audrey 3 + 1 | Esmeray Open Kimono in XL | $42

When I snuck a peek at my Fix, this was the one item I knew I wanted to keep. Thankfully, I was reassured of my obsession with it wen I tried it on!

Kimonos are such a fun accessory piece that can elevate an outfit. They’re handy because they can double as a jacket/cover-up so you’ll never be left feeling chilled. I especially love this one because of the floral design: It’s not too busy and it gives it such a chic vibe.

I’ve already got this stowed away in my carry-on and I’m thinking this would be perfect for dinner out in Berlin with this black Old Navy romper I snagged recently. Caitlin actually suggested pairing it with this Nine Britton dress (but in black), a pair of strappy gladiator sandals and a statement clutch. I think I’ll recreate her inspo, but with my own twist!

Caitlin also suggested this with a pair of jeans, a white tank top and a pair of wedges for shopping for some souvenirs.

Kaileigh | Jonesman One Shoulder Knit Top in XL | $34

Story time: When I was younger, I never tried clothes on before buying them. Dressing rooms used to terrify me and I would buy all these clothes, get them home, try them on (and have a sad realization that they didn’t fit), and then just stuff them in my closet and hope that maybe someday they would fit.

Then one day, I realized how moronic that was and made a pact that I will try on every single piece of clothing I buy beforehand. Since then, I’ve saved a ton of money and learned that just because it doesn’t look promising on a hanger, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a total nightmare when you get it on.

When I unboxed this top, I truthfully didn’t like it and thought about packing it up right there. The sleeves confused me and I thought it would look awful on my body. Trying it on, I realized that the color was surprisingly flattering and that it was actually an adorable top! The one-shoulder was a fun twist on an otherwise pretty basic t-shirt.

This won’t be coming with me overseas because it’s made with a thicker material that would be more idea towards the end of summer/beginning of fall, but I’m excited to wear this while tasting ciders and checking out the foliage.

For checking out ruins, try this with a pair of jean shorts and slip-on sandals and for a flight at a brewery, grab a denim pencil skirt and wedges.

Emory Park | Dulce Cross Front Knit Top in XL | $28

Update a basic t-shirt with a cute cross front neckline. This neckline is a statement in itself, so go ahead and ditch the necklace.

Blues are considered a neutral in my closet and I can never go wrong with a basic t-shirt to build a wardrobe. This is a comfortable top that’s super lightweight, making ideal for those warm days walking around downtown.

This top would also be perfect for the long flight, pairing it with joggers, a denim jacket and sneakers. It can also be rocked with a patterned pencil skirt and heels for a dinner cruise.

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