ipsy unbagging: june ’18

Flying colors 

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Happy Pride month!

This month, Ipsy has rolled with seven of their creators who are members of the LGTBQ+ community to bring the colors of pride month to life. As an advocate for self-love, embracing all that makes us colorful and unique in our own ways is so endearing and makes my heart swell humungous big. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, be damn proud of yourself, no matter what people may say.

June’s Glam Bags are so bright and fun. Each Ipster received a different three-toned colored bag so we can all share the colors of the rainbow. I got mine in pink and I love how it’s simple enough that it can be used for a magnitude of different things (including a carry-on bag for my upcoming Europe trip!) Plus, these Glam Bags are bigger than ones of the past, so you can pack a bunch of summer goodies in them!

Here’s what was inside my June GlamBag:

Luxie Beauty | 245 Small Shader Eye Brush

Slowly, but surely, my brush arsenal is being overtaken by Luxie brushes, and I am a-okay with it. It’s so easy to fall in love with their aesthetics as well as their pact to staying cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Compared to other brushes I’ve received, this guy is small and dainty, which isn’t ideal for easy maneuvering. I like handles that have a little more girth so they don’t feel feeble as a toothpick while packing powders on my lid.

In all fairness, I feel like this brush is going to get lost in my collection. I don’t normally opt for something as small for shading or blending, but I’ll eventually find a use for it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

OFRA Cosmetics | Blush in Melon

First and foremost: This blush is NO JOKE when it comes to its pigmentation. Take it either as a warning or an invitation.

A little goes a looooong way and I’d even advise against using a brush to pack this onto your cheeks because it’s that pigmented. While testing this, I had to mute down the color with an additional layer of foundation because it was that bright! But, also consider that I am someone who seldom wears a powerful blush.(S/O to Benefit’s Dandelion!) I don’t love drawing attention to my naturally reddish skin.

However, with summer coming and my skin deepening a few shades, I might have second opinions about this color and I could see it growing on me. I think with enough blending and patience, I could find myself grabbing this for a refreshing change of pace. It’s a creamy, build-able formula that does surprisingly last all day, even in the heat.

This guy is also a multi-tasker: pop it on the lid as an eyeshadow, perk up your pout by using it as a lip color, or whatever your heart fancies! If I don’t love it as a blush, I might opt to try it as an eye color because it would compliment my grey eyes.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The SAEM | Natural Acai Berry Sheet Mask and Natural-tox Apple Sheet Mask

Sheet masks inspired by the good stuff in nature? Sign me up. Not only are these sheet masks chock full of goodies for your skin, they smell just as delectable!

There’s certainly no shortage in serum, because these are the wettest sheet masks I’ve ever used. I’m talking, full on sopping, dripping down your neck wet. After learning about a nifty little trick in our March Glam Bag, the product seeps into the skin quicker if you flip the mask over midway through.

The Acai Berry mask is full of antioxidants derived from this superfood and has vitamins A, C and E to help repair damaged cells while hydrating and firming. After using, my skin glowed and felt refreshed.

With the Apple mask, it wasn’t as sopping wet but the smell of it was less than to be desired. I don’t normally love apple-flavored or smelling things, and this was a prime example of why: it smelt almost rancid or spoiled! Similar to the Acai Berry mask, my face felt refreshed after application.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Jonteblu | Felt Tip Eyeliner Pencil

If I’ve learned anything while being a ‘beauty influencer’, it’s that you can’t ever judge a eyeliner on a first impression. Pulling this out of my Glam Bag, I thought it was going to be a jenky eyeliner that would only smudge and irritate my eyes.

What I came to discover was a quick-drying, long-lasting liquid eyeliner that didn’t budge through a core day at the gym. On a first-impression swatch in my Unbagging video (which you can see down below ⬇), it felt runny and watery, but it dried down immediately and left me a little shook.

This won’t replace any of my obsessions like Tattoo Liner or Stay All Day, but it’s always fun to try new formulas.

Rating: 3 out of 5

MAKE UP FOR EVER | Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer

Is it conspiracy that I received this primer sample just a few days after buying the Make Up For Ever Skin Tint? Or is it the makeup gods looking out for me? 🤔

Already an avid lover of MUFE’s face products, I’m able to add another love to my collection. Ironically enough, I had tested out the smoothing primer in my first-ever beauty subscription review on this site (Let’s also take a moment to realize how much we’ve grown since that first post!!) and recalled I had requested for a more hydrating formula. Here’s your chance, kid!

Work quickly with this primer because it dries down in a flash. It leaves my skin feeling matte and supple and I loved how it didn’t leave my skin feeling too moisturized (or in another instance, oily). My skin tint wore beautifully with it and I probably wouldn’t hesitate twice to splurge on a decent primer after a long search for one.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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