july ’18 workout split

Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort. 

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I got served a hard dose of reality.

June was Crunch Time 2.0, as I had decided that I wanted to trim up and cut as much weight as I could before heading over to Europe on holiday. I had such great results with the first round of Crunch Time that I was hoping it would springboard this stubborn plateau I’ve been struggling with.

I packed away the scale and decided to put my head down and get to work! I went to the gym almost every day (aside from one day when the air conditioner broke in my office and it was a scorching 92 degrees outside!), I ate ‘healthy’ (half of the amount of sushi I normally would eat), and I felt that my confidence was through the roof! I physically felt great, I looked more toned and defined and I was ready to see those numbers drop on the scale.

Stepping on the scale, I realized that…. I barely lost a full pound. All that hard work, sweat sessions in the gym, budgeting my caloric intake, and for what? Nothin’!

It was at that exact moment that I realized that a scale or a number cannot define how you feel about your body. I knew that I was working my tail off because I could see more definition in my stomach and my arms. I knew how much blood, sweat and tears I put into each set each day. My body was building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, but man, it’s still depressing to think you’ll see results and you get nearly jack squat.

My final weigh-in for June was 1.1 pounds lost, bringing the year total to 15.9 pounds.  Since I didn’t hit my weight loss goal for June, I’m not counting the month as a wash, since I did go to the gym every day and put in the work, it’s just time to quit making excuses now.

In fact, I’m looking at July with a clear mind and I’m ready to get going. Plus, also walking nearly 50 miles on holiday certainly didn’t set me back when it comes to my endurance…

My excitement is mainly because I’ve created my own workout split! Kind of.

I’m trying this sample workout week for the next four weeks because, as much as I love Spotebi’s workout splits, I’ve noticed myself getting complacent and a little tiresome of the same old workouts, which in hand might be why I’m plateauing. With the addition of cardio, I’m hoping this will spearhead some fat loss and build even more of an endurance.

The schedule follows as so 📅:

  • Sunday: 30 minute ‘run’ | 15 minute booty workout | 15 minute foam roll/stretch
  • Monday: 30 minute cardio | 30 minute total body workout
  • Tuesday: 30 minute HIIT | 15 minute ab workout
  • Wednesday: 40 minute walk | 30 minute leg + booty workout
  • Thursday: 40 minute cardio | 10 minute foam roll/stretch
  • Friday: 20 minute HIIT | 20 minute ab workout | 20 minute arm workout
  • Saturday: Active recovery/yoga

When it comes to the targeted area workouts like arms or booty, I will still rely on Spotebi because they do have a great selection that are already condensed to the times I’m looking at. When it comes to cardio, I’ll switch it up between the arc trainer or the elliptical. As for running/walking, I may head to the local nature trail on nice days just because I can’t stand treadmill running.

I also plan on incorporating more meal prepping this month, which I’ll post some of my favorite recipes in the future. Don’t they say that it’s 80% kitchen/20% gym, anyway?

📌 Here are my goals for July:

  • Waist train on days dedicated to ab workouts
  • Continue to use 12.5-pound hand weights
  • Lose 3-5 pounds

⬇📽 Watch my July Workout Split video below (& don’t forget to subscribe!) 📽⬇

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