goal digger: july ’18

A goal without a plan is just a wish

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Chapter six: Late AF, but finally done ✅

June was over before it even began in my eyes as I spent a majority of the month crushing it at the gym and getting ready for my first-ever trip abroad to Germany and the Netherlands. It was an experience of a lifetime (& I promise I’ll get those videos/photos up soon….) and now I’ve been bit by the wanderlust bug and already have the countdown started for our next adventure, which is Iceland in December!

Even though I did not plan accordingly and stick with my regular posting schedule (due to the time changes/exhaustion/Fourth of July celebrations), I still had time to sit down and think of some goals for the month. Creating this habit of setting goals has become something that makes me accountable and I look forward to seeing the progress I make. Plus, having them written down helps keep them at the forefront of my mind, so there’s no excuses.

In years’ past, July used to be the busiest month for my work schedule, but now, there’s no commitment to events and I can actually enjoy my summer, not at a baseball field or covering a road race. I have a lot more ‘me-time’ and I plan on utilizing as much of it as I can for personal growth and for re-creating those routines I spent a lot of time on earlier in the year.

Here are my goals I want to crush this July:

  • Lose 3-5 pounds: After getting slightly discouraged from June’s results, I’ve decided that it’s go-time and that I need to overhaul my weight loss journey. I did hit the halfway point of my small goal of 30 pounds in June, but I’m ready to take a crack at my own workout split. With the addition of more cardio, I’m hoping it will spearhead the fat loss and I can pick up some of the slack from June (and months prior).
  • Read 3 books: I thought this was going to be an easy goal to crush with how much time I’d be spending on planes/buses, but I didn’t even make a dent into my list. Reestablishing my nightly routine of winding down an hour before bed with a book will be beneficial not only for the Reading Challenge (which I am officially half way done with!), but also as an act of self-care after losing touch with myself. I plan on reading Adjustment Day by Chuck Palahniuk on an audio book, Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Artemis by Andy Weir (one of my favorite authors).
  • Meditate for 10 minutes a day: Mindfulness is something I adopted a little over a year ago and has been a major part of my everyday routine since. While traveling, it’s hard to stay in-tune with yourself and your goals. Since home, I’ve decided that I want to start and close each day with a mindfulness practice (I still use Simple Habit). In the morning, I’ll do a five minute meditation before getting ready for work and I’ll finish my day with a five minute meditation to lull me into a more restful sleep.
  • Practice piano two times a week: Since buying my keyboard, I have practiced it all of maybe six times. This was a goal I blatantly ignored last month because of the hustle of getting ready for my holiday, but now I am hopeful to dedicate two nights a week to practice for 45-60 minutes. I had been using the SimplyPiano app on my phone, but am in the market of finding a free/relatively cheap app to help teach myself, so I’m open for suggestions!
  • Save up $175 in piggy bank: With unforeseen expenses for the trip arising, it was hard to stow away money in the piggy bank that’s been dedicated for Gen Beauty in October. I’ve already bought my ticket for the event on a credit card, and I took the money from the fund to put towards the credit card payment, leaving me with roughly $127 in the account. I don’t have a lot of spending planned this month and credit card bills are caught up, so stowing away extra money should be easy. My plan is to have $400 saved up before October, with which I’ll buy my plane ticket and use the extra as spending money.
  • Start saving for future trips: As aforementioned, we already have another trip planned this year as we’ll head to Iceland the first weekend of December! Budgeting $50 per paycheck for Germany/Netherlands really paid off and I actually came home with money, so I’m hoping to continue the trend and have at least $550 USD saved up by our departure.

What are your goals this month? Let me know in a comment!

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