think outside the (vox)box: maybelline super stay stick

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I’m a busy girl and I need a foundation that will stay put, while not leaving my skin cakey and weighed down.

Recently I was one of 1,064 beauty influencers to receive this COMPLIMENTARY Maybelline Super Stay Multi-Use Foundation Stick from Influenster. I was definitely hyped to test out a new foundation formula, but not without some hesitations.

A friend had recommended the Super Stay liquid foundation to me a few months ago, swearing it up and down as the best foundation she’s ever used. Since I didn’t want to ball out on my favorite Make Up For Ever foundation, I picked up shade Warm Nude (128) and figured ‘what the hell?’.

It oxidized to an awful orange shade, it patched in the worst areas throughout the day (even after being sure to exfoliate and moisturize) and it didn’t do anything to conceal my complexion. I was disappointed because I have always loved Maybelline foundations in the past, and felt that I had essentially wasted my money.

However, we know I’m all about redemptions on this site, so I was ready to test it out with a new mindset. Plus, who wouldn’t love to test out a full coverage foundation that can also be used for highlighting, contouring and concealing?!

This little guy comes in 16 shades, has 0.25-ounces and retails for $9.99, making it a cheaper alternative to some high-end foundation sticks (looking at you Hourglass).

Influenster killed it with the color match, which they sent me Buff Beige (130). A little goes a long way and I prefer taking the warrior paint approach: three across each cheek, one along my chin and one along the forehead. This also comes with a built-in sponge applicator, which isn’t the best tool to use, but it’s the convenience that counts.

The formula is cream-to-matte finish and it almost gives off the illusion of a powder finish. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling too cakey and at no point did it budge throughout the day. Since these are a cheap alternative, you could stock up on both a highlight and contour shade and get pretty creative.

I didn’t think I would love this, but after testing it once (and repeatedly coming back), this is a great drugstore foundation! It’s easy to apply, convenient for those on-the-go and I know that I’ll be fully covered and can touch up throughout the day, if needed. I wouldn’t hesitate twice to recommend for a friend or even pick up a back-up for myself.

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