stitch fix unboxing: july ’18

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Happy one year anniversary, Stitch Fix!

It’s been over a year since I received my first-ever Fix and I’m so happy I decided to stick with them. I can always assure that my wardrobe will grow a little bit each month thanks to the wonderful stylists I’ve had over the course of the year.

This month, I asked my stylist to pick out some more budget-friendly young professional attire because it’s since dawned on me that I don’t have a lot of office-friendly clothing for those hot days. I don’t know how to dress myself period in the heat and I’m a total lost cause when it comes to dressing professionally since wearing cut-offs and bikini tops is apparently frowned upon at work.

This Fix subtotaled to $157 with the Buy 25% discount and the $20 styling credit applied. For what was inside this Fix, it wasn’t an awful price point, but unlike last month, I listed to my financial gut and decided to part ways with some things that I would have otherwise loved to keep. (Don’t fret, because a few of these might be making returns in the fall if my wallet allows for it!)

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 13th Fix:

French Grey | Hastings Brushed Knit Dress in XL | $48

When I made my request to Caitlin for more business casual pieces, I was hoping for some cute, comfortable dresses and skirts. She definitely heard my prayers because not only are these adorable, they are insanely comfy!

If you’ve tested LulaRoe, then you’ll understand what is meant by its brushed knit feel. It feels cozy and almost as if it would retain a lot of heat, but it’s breezy and lightweight, which is perfect for the unseasonably hot and muggy days New York has been experiencing!

T-shirt dresses are the perfect outfit on the fly because they literally can just be thrown on and you looked pieced together with minimal effort. This would have been perfect for our Europe trip, but I could seen this worn at the office or even dressed up with a cardigan for brunch with a girlfriend.

I liked this on, however, I did noticed that the stitching along the neckline was starting to come undone, which made me a little skeptical of the quality. If I’m going to be spending nearly $50, I want to know it’s going to last.

Caitlin suggested a light pink duster cardigan with loafers and a tote bag for the office or dressed down with a denim jacket, gladiator sandals and a fun yellow purse.

French Grey | Adara Brushed Knit Dress in XL | $48

Out of the two dresses from French Grey, I loved this one on a first impression because of the cut. Then, I put it on and fell even more in love with the mauve color and how it complimented me!

This is the same material as the aforementioned brushed knit dress, which is lightweight and breezy, while still feeling cozy and comfy. I love the neckline of this because it swoops down, but it’s not too provocative. The cinched waist creates a flirty and fun silhouette that would make this a perfect date night choice.

I decided to keep this dress because I could see myself wearing this more than anything else in this Fix. I’m a little nervous about the quality, if it’s like the other French Grey dress, but it was too cute to pass up. Plus, I could see it being worn into late summer/fall with a leather jacket so its life could be extended.

Pair it with a sun hat and slip-on sandals for some afternoon shopping or throw on a pair of white heels and a denim jacket for a night out.

Renee C | Leena Printed Skirt in XL | $48

Young professional to me is pencil skirts, blouses and a killer pair of stilettos. Since I work in a department with a younger crowd that has a big impact on the community, I have been feeling a little subconscious about how I dress.

Caitlin absolutely nailed what I had in mind with this skirt. I love the fun print of it and it really messes with your perception: it looks like a white skirt with black diamonds, but also it looks like a black skirt with black swiggles. It’s so neutral that any color blouse could be rocked with this, as shown with the Goldray blouse I’ll review a little later.

Pencil skirts belong in the office and that would be the main place I wear it. Caitlin suggested it with a black tank top blouse and a green military jacket for those cold mornings or a blue blouse and heels for an important event.

The only reason why I’m not keeping this right now is because I had robbed some adorable skirts at a consignment shop the weekend before my Fix came. I love this skirt because it’s thick enough to wear into the colder season, but right now, it’s just not in the cards.

Goldray | Felienne Cutout Blackout Detail Blouse in XL | $54

I think I’m turning a new leaf: Recently, I have been gravitating towards purples, which used to terrify me!

This blouse is in a gorgeous eggplant shade that is so complimentary to my summer glow and ashy blonde hair. It also has a very flattering neckline that is sexy, yet not too revealing, making it a transition piece from day to night.

Pairing this with white jeans and a blazer is perfect for crushing that presentation you’ve been stressing about, but go ahead and celebrate at happy hour by grabbing a tropical print pencil skirt and black strappy sandals.

The main point of this blouse is its back detailing, which is strappy with mesh paneling. Truthfully, if the mesh panels weren’t there, I would not hesitate twice to buy this, but I felt that the panels almost made it look cheap and I shouldn’t have to tailor it for its price tag.

I really love the color of this blouse, but the style just wasn’t doing it for me. The fit was alright, but not a selling point for its price tag. I won’t hesitate twice to ask my stylist for purple in the future though!

FORTUNE + IVY | Elleny Split Neck Blouse in XL | $38

Black is such a neutral color that literally works with anything, which might explain why it makes up such a large part of my closet!

I was really looking forward to this piece because believe it or not, I don’t have any black blouses. I was hoping this would be a wardrobe builder, but the second I put it on, I hated the fit of it. It was too tight in the back, yet loose in the arms. The neckline was too high and annoying, and the bottom hem was confusing.

Even though it was the cheapest in the Fix, it wasn’t worth my headaches and I quickly packaged it back up. Even though it looked cute, I didn’t feel my most confident in it and I’m not about spending money on something that makes me feel frumpy.

Caitlin suggested pairing it with white slacks and an olive green blazer or a blue skirt (the one pictured was one of the ones I picked up at the consignment shop mentioned earlier.)

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