ipsy unbagging: july ’18

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It’s time to dive in and make a splash with some fun new products, courtesy of this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag!

This month’s Glam Bag is a holographic aqua pouch that’s perfect for holding all of your beauty faves to take your look from hanging in your floatie in the pool to a night out on the town, including a bright lip color to crush on, a gorgeous emerald green liner and an exfoliator to slosh away those impurities.

There’s also a suggestion to check out the Ipsy website on this month’s card to check out a scalp treatment from Briogeo (including one of my all-time favorite products from them!) I know personally my scalp is one of the biggest things I tend to forget to take care of (not intentionally!) and I can always feel product build-up in the summer months. It’s always appreciated to get gentle reminders to really treat yourself to ensure you’re looking (& feeling your best!)

Here’s what was inside my July Glam Bag:

HALF CAKED | Lip Fondant in Girl Crush

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you might find it hard to believe that I was once an avid red-lip rocker. So much in fact that I was known for my pout in my friend group!

Off the bat, I am obsessed with the aesthetics of this company because it’s no secret that I have an awful sweet tooth. This liquid lip even has a slight sweet fragrance, though I’m not sure if it’s intended. Not only is this company adorable, they’re cruelty-free and 100% vegan, so already it earns some brownie points.

Girl Crush is a gorgeous red-orange shade that warms up the face without being too overwhelming. I was very anxious to wear this because orange is not one of those colors I feel confident wearing, but there’s definitely no Bozo the Clown vibes here. It applied like a dream because of it’s mousse-like texture and this is one of the very few lipsticks that is very true to its word when it says it doesn’t budge: It stayed put from the moment I put it on in the morning, through coffee and lunch and didn’t feather at all!

It passed every eat/drink/kiss test I could imagine and this would be the perfect lippie to rock at a pool party.

This isn’t the most hydrating formula, but for its pigment pay-off, I could care less. I felt so confident and sexy while wearing this, received a ton of compliments and finally feel as if I have found a red lip that will make me want to step out of my comfort zone more often (again). Girl Crush will no doubt make it into a future favorites video because I am 110% obsessed.

Rating: 5 out of 5

AHAVA | Facial Mud Exfoliator

On the real, it’s hard to find something redeemable in this product. I didn’t hate it, but it is very forgettable.

We know that exfoliators are a major staple in my routine (curse those pesky blackheads!), so I was amped to try this out because it’s packed with Dead Sea mud that will help balance the skin with a boost of hydration.

The exfoliants in this cleanser were so tiny, they were practically invisible. Literally, it didn’t feel like anything was there and that’s a problem if you’re claiming to be an exfoliator. It said to use once/twice a week, but I had been using it daily since it wasn’t harsh on the skin.

The formula was different because it said to work into a lather before applying to the skin (which it never did…) and I didn’t recall noticing any major difference after a one-time use. Even if it were to pull everything to the surface to make extraction easier, I wouldn’t have hated it, but there just wasn’t anything to brag home about.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

SUGAR Cosmetics | Stroke of Genius Heavy-Duty Kohl in 03 Green Light

Long before the life of this site, I received an emerald green liquid eyeliner from an Ipsy Glam Bag that was a literal obsession. It was the perfect fun pop of color for a neutral eye look and I may have even shed some tears when I had to throw it out.

Ever since then, I’ve struggled with colored liners because they won’t ever replace that obsession. And truthfully because I’m chickensh!t because #SarahPlainandTall. However, we can fill the void with this cruelty-free liner from Sugar Cosmetics.

Its super creamy formula could be a dream for some, but for me, it was almost a nightmare. Its waxed-base formula won’t tug on your eyes and it melts like butter, but like literal butter, aka keep your sharpener nearby because you’re definitely going to need it.

This product will transfer on the lids, so be sure to primer and powder before applying. I love applying a neutral shade all over the lid, popping this on the top line of my lashes and applying a quick coat of mascara. It takes an everyday, rather boring look and spices it up with a splash of color. The green compliments my features and I love how it pulls the yellow out in my grey eyes.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

IBY Beauty | Eyeshadow Fluff Brush

It’s hard not to love an eyeshadow brush, and it’s even harder not to love an eyeshadow brush with gorgeous detailing.

This brush has a dome-shaped top and flat synthetic bristles that makes transferring loose pigments a lot better. This brush also makes blending so much easier because it’s easy to maneuver in your hand. Not too thick, not too thin, but just right.

Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

Rating: 5 out of 5

OFRA Cosmetics | Eyeshadow in Exquisite

I have to immediately knock off points from this shadow because very rarely will you see me grab a black eyeshadow in the peak of summer. Or in general.

However, Exquisite from OFRA is a gorgeous iron grey with silver reflectant. I’m not someone who would opt for shimmer in a crease color for my smokey eye, but I’m also not someone who is probably comfortable with wearing a smokey eye to a pool party… 🐼

I was nervous that it would be too stark on my “fair” skin, but this shadow blends out to a muted gray. I blended this out with a mauve halo-eye using my Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette for an everyday office look, and I didn’t hate it.

Truthfully, I think I’d rather use this as a liner to intensify a look. Wet it down with some water and those reflectants would be stunning.

I’ve tested OFRA shadows in the past, and I can’t decide if I’m a fan or not. They’ve been generic in my experiences and there are plenty of other options that I would grab before them. It isn’t to take away from them because they are an affordable option to build with, but I’m not someone who usually creates their own palettes.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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