august ’18 workout split

You didn’t come this far to only come this far

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I think the opening quote in this post says a lot of how July went for me…

I started July super strong with the excitement of my “own” split: I was crushing it at the gym, whipping up some healthy AF meals in the kitchen and I definitely felt myself continuing to make strides in confidence and the overall battle of loving your own skin. Sundays had become the bonafide definition of ‘regrouping for success’ and I loved the routine I had established for myself.

A girl misses ONE Sunday and the whole month went to sh!t. (This isn’t to make any sort of excuse because it was no one’s fault but my own.) I had missed a meal prep because of my best friend’s baby shower, and thought that if I just postponed it a day, it would be okay.

When I got to the gym that following Monday, it had taken everything out of me just to finish the cardio component. I just wasn’t feeling the fire playlist, each second felt like an eternity and the thought of doing a total body workout after felt like pure torture. At no point during this entire weight loss journey had I felt my tires spinning in the mud, felt completely lackadaisical and didn’t give a single sh!t if I completed a workout or not.  I was completely burnt out and my white flag was waving rapidly.

There was no better time to listen to my body than right there on that arc trainer and decide that I needed to regroup and refocus my attention on my goals. I took the remainder of the week off, gave in to some temptations (like sushi two times in three days…), and allowed myself some time away from worrying about how many calories a bowl of ice cream was.

A major part of why my brain and my body weren’t in sync was because of a physical complication: I’ve been on birth control since I was 16 and I had recently gone off of it due to an error in scheduling an appointment with a new doctor. The last time I was off the pill for any amount of time (three months), I had experienced the worst bout of depression in my life: Crippling panic attacks nightly over mundane things, a sense of dread I couldn’t shake or express to anyone and the WORST PMS symptoms in the world (didn’t miss you one bit, cramps).

A part of me is really anxious to see if this will happen again since I won’t get in with a new doctor until September, but I’m determined to nip it early on, or at least learn to manage with the chemical imbalance of my brain.

My final weigh-in for July was 3.6 pounds lost, bringing the year total to 18.3 pounds. The time away from the gym definitely lit a fire under me and I feel much more determined to push myself because I know I can. Because of the hormonal issue, part of me almost feels as if I have that much more to prove. If working out releases endorphins, maybe it can help keep whatever negative vibes I have in my brain at bay.

Because I worked so hard on July’s split, it would only be fair to give it another fair shake and continue it into August. I’m still actively searching for weekly schedules to continue into the later portions of the year, but right now, I’ll stick with what’s working for me.

Here’s another look at the weekly schedule 📅:

  • Sunday: 30 minute ‘run’ | 15 minute booty workout | 15 minute foam roll/stretch
  • Monday: 30 minute cardio | 30 minute total body workout
  • Tuesday: 30 minute HIIT | 15 minute ab workout
  • Wednesday: 40 minute walk | 30 minute leg + booty workout
  • Thursday: 40 minute cardio | 10 minute foam roll/stretch
  • Friday: 20 minute HIIT | 20 minute ab workout | 20 minute arm workout
  • Saturday: Active recovery/yoga

I really enjoyed how this split divvied up the muscle groups so I wasn’t exhausting all options in one workout. Plus the rotation of cardio did accelerate some weight loss and I’m anxious to see if the trend will continue with consistent effort.

Meal prepping quickly became one of my favorite components of this split (simply because I forgot how much I love browsing Pinterest for hours to find delicious recipes!), so I plan on incorporating it a lot more, even beyond the summer and when my grandmother is home during my lunches. I’m always down for new recipes so be sure to drop your recommendations!

📌 Here are my goals for August:

  • Waist train during cardio workouts
  • Start practice yoga more religiously
  • Lose 3-5 pounds

⬇📽 Watch my July Workout Split video below (& don’t forget to subscribe!) 📽⬇

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