goal digger: august ’18


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Chapter 7: (Haphazardly) done ✅

As I noted in my August Workout Split, this month was all about regrouping and refocusing my attention. I did a little soul searching and a lot of self-reflection and realized that I needed to tune up my motivation in order to achieve my goals more efficiently.

Thankfully, all of this can come to fruition with this month’s Goal Digger!

August is usually a long month because there’s never anything going on, but I’ve decided to make the most of it! I don’t have any plans to travel or anything major coming up, so I’m taking each day as it is. The month will be spent preparing for the upcoming fall season that I’ll actually get to enjoy (my absolute fave!) as well as sticking down those routines to continue success.

Here are my goals I want to crush this August:

  • Lose 3-5 pounds: For the literal debauchery that was the third week of July, I was actually surprised to see that I finished the month strong and ended up 3.6 pounds down from my start weight! With a new sense of motivation and a willingness to prove something to myself, I am determined to hit this month’s goals (and then some!). I need to be stronger than the chemical imbalance in my brain and not get derailed because I’m comfortably beyond the halfway point to the small goal of 30 pounds and want to push harder for the bigger goal of 40 pounds. Why settle for mediocracy?
  • Read 3 books: I finally have hit another fun part of my To-Read list and have been finding stories I can get fully engrossed in. In fact, I’ve pulled ahead of my Reading Challenge by a book and want to continue to make great pace. I’ve made it a habit tracker in my agenda to establish a nighttime routine that includes washing my face, brushing/flossing my teeth and winding down an hour before bed with a book (no technology!). Since I don’t foresee any major plans for the month, I’ve picked a lot of short reads to make even more headway. For the month, I plan on reading Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips, A Fine Imitation by Amber Brock and High Dive by Jonathan Lee.
  • Save up to $100 in Gen Beauty Fund: With the countdown officially at 72 days away, Gen Beauty will be here before we know it and I’m so excited! The pace I’m currently at for filling the piggy bank wasn’t looking too hot, so I’ve decided to take an additional $20 per paycheck to help build the fund, while also throwing in any additional change to keep my wallet at a flat rate. Since I snagged my plane tickets at a cheap price (thanks Hopper), whatever money that I save up will be used for meals/activities/free spending down in the City. The goal is to have at least $200 saved up before the trip, then if needed I can use additional money.
  • Practice piano 2 times a week:  Since the Second Quarter Review, I still haven’t touched my piano… Each week, I would tease myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays and put it on my To-Do list that I’d practice the piano for 45 minutes, with no intentions of actually turning it on. I plan on biting the bullet and purchasing the Simply Piano App because it was the one I liked the most. Since the app has everything all included, it will give me more initiative to practice more consistently, especially if I’m spending a pretty penny on it. I’m still aiming for Tuesdays and Thursdays for at least 45 minutes.
  • Continue teaching self Czech: Also mentioned in that Second Quarter Review was the fact I wanted to teach myself Czech. So far, I have been having a lot of fun learning the language and picking it up pretty easily (I’ve actually been trying to say the few phrases I’ve learned in my daily life!). My goal for August is to continue my pre-existing 16 day streak and hit my daily goal each day.
  • Clean out closet and donate old clothes/shoes: Did you know that DSW paired up with Soles4Souls? If you donate a pair of gently worn shoes, you can earn up to 50 points on your DSW Rewards account! I have a few pairs of heels that I love, but they don’t love me and figured this would be a perfect time to clean out my closet and donate any gently worn pieces, starting with shoes at DSW. They’re not doing me good, so why not help someone else out?! I always love cleaning out my closet with the seasonal changes and with the best time of year knocking on the door, I’m a little eager. The plan is to first try and sell clothes back to a consignment shop, then donate everything else to Salvation Army.

What are your goals this month? Let me know in a comment!

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