book review: fitness junkie

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⏲ Read time: 3-5 minutes

When Janey Sweet is discovered eating a bruffin, the wonderfully delicious combination of brioche and a muffin, front row at a fashion show, her business partner and ‘best friend’ Beau tells her to either lose 30 pounds or lose her job. Janey might have noticed that her pants were a little tighter and it’s not to say that life didn’t deal her a bad hand with her divorce from her husband, the passing of her parents and now this.

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes takes us through the journey of Janey’s adoption of a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, signing up for expensive workout passes with her confidant CJ, attending prestigious workout classes offered by Sara Strong, a yogi with some serious anger issues and meeting some men along the way.

I couldn’t help but feel a ton of empathy for Janey. As mentioned before, she had a lot on her plate (figuratively and literally?) and for Beau to force this hand on her was incredibly selfish. She wished to see the best in her so-called best friend, but true intentions shine through and a person’s true colors come out. I’ve had my fair share of that happen in my own life and it definitely sucks.

But, when we fall, it gives us a chance to rise up to the occasion. When life gives you lemons, rebrand and recreate yourself into some low-cal lemonade.

As someone who has fully embraced the fitness lifestyle bandwagon, this was a lot of fun to read because of how much it dripped in satire. Reading about the ludicrous workout trends like sweating through boot camp classes run by Sri Lankan militants and the gimmicks of eating clay was hilarious because we live in a day and age that is so food-conscious.

Don’t think that the overlying message gets lost in the humor: If you feel good, it’s all that really matters. If you love the skin your in, then that’s what’s important. Janey learns this the hard way while at a counseling session for recovering addicts. While talking to one of the members, she realized how she starved herself for her to fit in her designer wedding dress, the same wedding dress that Janey created and sold. It comes full circle and it makes you realize that it’s about living on that healthy balance, keeping both sides at peace.

This was a fun read and I thoroughly enjoyed this. I often forget how much I enjoy this genre of chick lit and I really enjoyed the writing style of Sykes. I won’t hesitate twice to add some more of her work onto my To-Read list.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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