stitch fix unboxing: august ’18

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Summer is (unfortunately) drawing itself out and making my life absolutely miserable. I’ve mentioned multiple times that I am not someone who does well in the heat, let alone I can’t dress myself for those hot, humid days. Can we go ahead and just cancel August? Is it really necessary? Just give me fall already, dammit! *angrily waits for pumpkin spiced flavored everything*

Thankfully, Stitch Fix is here and my stylist Caitlin knows what’s up. Like last month, I asked for more business casual, yet budget-friendly pieces. I had made specific requests for a pair of wedges because I, for one, think that a pair of heels can complete a look, but heels don’t love me. Wedges are a great transition to not only polish a look, but also baby my way into a pair of heels because they give the support and comfort of a flat-surfaced shoe. I also asked for a blazer to build around my collection because almost every outfit I have pinned on my Work Fashion Pinterest board incorporates this timeless staple.

This month’s Fix was a little more on the pricier side: $190.75 with the Buy All discount and styling fee purchase credit. I completely understand that you have to spend money to look like a young professional (fake it until you make it, right?), but my wallet cannot afford this lifestyle, at least not right now!

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 14th Fix:

Papermoon | Pensacola Strappy Halter Blouse in XL | $32

I don’t think it was a secret that I absolutely fell in l o v e with that eggplant color from last month’s Fix. It works perfectly for summer but also transitions really well into the fall and I have been wanting to keep my eyes open for more colors like this.

Compared to the top from last month, I liked this one a lot more because the strappy detailing wasn’t overwhelming: It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s something up my alley when it comes to style and cut so kudos to Caitlin for nailing that.

As for the fit, I felt that it reflected its price tag almost a little too much. I’m all for cheap pieces to help build a collection, but this felt almost too cheap to me. Usually, I notice that blouses are tight along my tummy area (which this one was no exception), but it didn’t really fit well anywhere else. It’s not that it looked “terrible”, it just wasn’t blowing my expectations out of the water. I still love the color, but this piece just wasn’t doing any justice for me.

Pair this with a black and white patterned pencil skirt and stilettos for the office or opt for some palazzo pants for drinks with the girls.

Violet & Red | Josie Leather Laser Cut Wedge in size 9 | $89

These wedges were one of the things I had specifically requested for Caitlin to send because for a while, I’ve been on the market for a decent pair. Heels can complete a look, but truthfully, I always feel like a baby horse learning to trot while I clomp up and down the hallways at work, and I’m pretty sure my co-workers probably feel the same! I’ve always thought wedges would be a good transition before I step out in a pair of stilettos, but I just hadn’t found any I loved.

I liked these because of the fun cutout detailing along the sides, which I didn’t think I’d be a big fan of originally. The black is universal so it will work with basically anything, but the cutout gives it a edgy twist and an untraditional approach.

On a first impression, they weren’t terribly painful either, but the more I wore them, the more I noticed irritation around my pinky toes, as well as along the top of my foot where the band met just below the toes. This could have been fixed with a bandaid, but I thought it was because they could’ve been a smidge too big. I could return them, but I would have prefered a pair of closed toed wedges with the season’s changing soon (which might be a suggestion next month).

PINK CLOVER | Mayplace Tie Front Top in XL | $38

To keep with the purple request, Caitlin found this gorgeous billowy tank from PINK CLOVER that I’m low-key obsessed with: The color story of this top takes it from summer to fall and I love the complimentary colors that can work with it, including a pair of olive green pair of skinnies from Old Navy.

The tie in the front can take it from desk to drinks by tying it up into a crop top for a more casual look, though you can leave it down and loosely tied in front for a more boho-comfy vibe.

Since I’m trying to expedite summer the hell out of here, I’m trying to stray away from tank tops. I really liked this one because it was insanely comfortable and truthfully I could probably opt for a large because it was almost too boxy and loose-fitting. As much as I liked it, I couldn’t justify spending on it right now.

Caitlin picked this with a denim pencil skirt and slip-ons for grabbing a coffee or with a long pink duster with white jeans and strappy sandals for a date night look.

One5One | Jodi Ponte Skinny Pant in size 16 | $44

If I could, I’d live in black leggings, but they aren’t always suggested in the office and can easily make an outfit look too casual.

The Jodi Ponte Skinny Pants are perfect to posh up any outfit because they’re stretchy and flexible like jegging material, but they don’t give away your secrets. They’re super high-waisted (#win) and in fact, they flatten your tummy and enhance your curves! They give a ton, which means you can treat yo’self and overindulge while still being able to breathe in your skinnies (#doublewin).

If we’ve learned anything on this site, it’s that I am obsessed with investing in pieces that will help build my wardrobe. A pair of black skinny pants are a solid investment because they literally go with anything over an array of occasions: casual, office, date night, girls night out… you name it! The fit of these were great because they didn’t have the dreaded waist gap in the back and the material is heavier, making it perfect for those cooler days of fall ahead. Keeping these will also help motivate me to clean out my pants and donate the old pairs that don’t fit me anymore.

Caitlin suggested making these your go-to brunch outfit by pairing with a striped tee and denim jacket or dressing them up for your presentation at the office with a sweater and booties.

Skies are Blue | Raja Knit Collarless Blazer in XL | $78

This was another suggested piece for Caitlin to send because I am obsessed with how a blazer can literally transform an outfit. When I think young professional, my brain automatically thinks blazer.

The collar (or lack thereof) was something I didn’t think I’d like, but ended up loving on this blazer. The grey color was perfect because it’s such a neutral that it will go with anything, like the black wrap dress Caitlin suggested.

However, those were the only two redeeming qualities of this blazer for me! The fact that there weren’t pockets really irritated me and the cinched sleeves made it look too casual for my liking. I also didn’t love that it didn’t button, and not that that’s usually something I look for, but it just looked too big and awkward on me.

The material of this blazer is also heavier than others, so it’d be a great pick up for the fall/winter in drafty offices, but for me, there were more things to dislike about it rather than to keep it.

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