ipsy unbagging: august ’18

✨ Glow get ’em ✨

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This month’s Glam Bag is all about radiance and shining bright like a diamond. There’s plenty of products to help enhance your natural beauty or to completely overhaul your look.

Here’s what was inside my Glam Bag this month:

SLMISSGLAM | Rose Gold Blusher Brush

One by one, my brush collection continues to grow and become so much more beautiful, all thanks to Ipsy. I’m adding another SLMISSGLAM brush to my arsenal and I couldn’t be more thrilled, and it’s not just because I love receiving brushes.

Not only is this brush pretty in rose gold pink, but it packs a punch (even if it’s a little bent from the shipping parcel). It can be used with blushes, highlights, bronzers and just about anything else you could imagine. Plus, its synthetic brushes are soft and making blending a breeze and did I mention they’re cruelty-free? No furry friends harmed here!

Upon doing research, I’m pretty sure that this is part of the Mermaid Glam Brush Set, in case you want to overhaul your brush collection with glitter and glam.

Rating: 4 out of 5

12 Benefits | Instant Healthy Hair Treatment

What’s better than 10? 12, but what’s even better than 12? Six concentrated ingredients that give you those 12 benefits (and more!) to healthier looking hair.

Let’s break down exactly what this hair elixir does: It seals color, smooths frizz, repairs and improves texture and manageability, prevents split ends, moisturizes, strengthens, protects from chlorine, wind and sun, prevents flat iron damage, adds shine and softness, protects from blow-drying AND acts as an anti-age formula. All while smelling heavenly! Talk about an all-in-one product!

I used to be an avid user of It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, but this might replace my love for it because it’s much cheaper and it smells so much better. I’m anxious to see if there’s a difference with continued use, but the smell alone makes me a huge fan already.

This would be perfect to pack with you on trips because it eliminates the need to bring several kinds of hair products and stays within TSA restriction. Also, this can be used as a hair refresher for second- and third-day hair!

My only complaint about this particular sample I got was the fact it was nearly impossible to spritz out! However, while reading the reviews on the Ipsy website, I noticed that a lot of Ipsters suffered the same issue and we’ll go ahead and blame it on faulty equipment.

Rating: 5 out of 5

theBalm Cosmetics | Foiled Again Eyeshadow in Locked Up

Don’t let a dull eyeshadow foil your look again..

Locked Up, a silvery lilac shade from the Foiled Again Eyeshadow palette, will no-question be my sidekick for this upcoming fall season: Imagine this shadow in a halo-eye look and a vampy lip! It has such a gorgeous taupe shimmer to it without too much going on, making it a perfect every day shadow. It could also pass as a dupe for an old fave of mine: the Manna Kadar Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick in Jelly Bean.

Not only does it blend out seamlessly on a dry brush, it lifts a look up, up and away with a spritz of water or setting spray on a brush, as you can see in the photo on the right: The left eye is Locked Up applied with a dry brush, while the right eye has Locked Up applied with a saturated brush.

I’ve been a long time lover of theBalm Cosmetics’ aesthetics, but an even bigger fan of their cruelty-free products. Their shadows don’t crease and will definitely last you through fighting crime.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Trust Fund Beauty | Lipgasm Lip Gloss in Text Me

A lip gloss that doesn’t leave your lips tacky and uncomfortable? It might be a real life lipgasm!

Text Me is a pretty peach shade that has cool gold reflect in it, making this a final touch for the bronzed goddess look because it’s pigmented AF. Looking at the Ipsy website, I almost wished I received Evil Genius, which was a buildable berry shade that would have looked sickening with the aforementioned eyeshadow.

We know I’ve had some misses when it comes to this brand, but I truly want to like TFB. This lip gloss almost seems to hydrate the lips and leave them moisturized. I had received a TFB lippie in a wicked old Glam Bag (pre-blog and pre-before I tagged everything on Instagram!) and I’m kicking myself now because I can’t remember how I felt about it!

But since we know my feels about glosses, I will say it certainly isn’t the worst gloss I’ve used. I won’t be running to use this shade, but it could be fun to dress up a nude lip with an ombre effect.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Ciate London | Glow-To Highlighter in Moondust

Do you want your highlight to be seen from outer space? Then how about some moondust.

Ciate London did NOT play when it comes to this highlight formula: it’s made with tiny, sphere-shaped particles that capture and reflect light. This highlight is super buildable and can quickly become blinding if used with a heavy hand. I used it with the aforementioned brush I received this month and I was amazed at how easy it was to blend and how a little went such a long way.

Moondust is a beautiful rose gold color that is so complimentary to everyday looks, but can be built to connect to the mothership. I want to put this all over my body and glow to the heavens and with its massive pan size (1.5 grams for a SAMPLE SIZE!), it’s not a hard feat.

I can quickly see this becoming my everyday highlight because of how neutral it is. No millennial ever said that rose gold was a bad thing.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Cake Beauty Delectable | Triple Citrus Body Butter Cream

It has been a minute since I’ve redeemed anything from all my reviews on Ipsy and it’s been an even longer minute since I’ve found a new body lotion to obsess over. Don’t worry, I’m not ditching the Bum Bum Cream, but I am becoming an even bigger believer of Cake Beauty.

This body cream has shea butter and three essential oils that marry into a tropical bliss (hi orange, tangerine and grapefruit) to make you smell like a walking creamsicle. The cream is heavy duty and pretty thick, but it leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Plus, the scent lasts all day and isn’t overbearing.

What’s even better about this cream is its price point: For a 6-ounce container, it runs you only $15! Once I run out of this sample, I’m definitely going to check out their website and stock up.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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