workout split: september ’18

Grow through what you go through

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I’m starting to sense a theme when it comes to my workout splits… And it’s not really a good one.

Each month, I start out headstrong and push myself to limits unknown, ultimately feeling confident, sexy and all around damn proud. And then, about midway through the month, I taper off and find myself binge-eating or making excuses to avoid the gym like a bad ex. The love and passion I once had for the gym feels as if it’s fleeting, and I’m not sure how to find that spark that once drove me to that breaking point.

It’s not to say that August was a bad month: In fact, I noticed a lot of major changes in my body. My flexibility has drastically increased and my joints don’t hurt nearly as much (As someone who has had chronic hip issues since they were 16, this is HUGE), as well as my cardiovascular endurance has improved, allowing me to hit the Arc Trainer for 7-8 minutes before I work up a sweat. I also treated myself to a full body massage and noticed that the next day at the gym, I had minimal cramping and felt like a brand new person. This will be something I will not hesitate twice on and have already put it on my agenda to schedule in 3 months!

Adding the waist trainer to cardio days really helped etch out those obliques and ab muscles while slimming down inches. I’m also sure the weight I lost using it was mainly because that thing would be absolutely drenched post-40 minutes on an elliptical. It was super gross, but also really cool to know that I was able to cut some water weight by adding this simple addition. It’s definitely something I will be continuing to do through September, and so forth.

When I weighed in the first of August, I was at my lowest weight in five years! As the month rounded out, I definitely can’t confirm that was the same case. Instead, I gained 3.4 pounds from the start of the month, but I’m still down on my year total by 16.6 pounds. I’m definitely not proud of myself because I took the last week of August off from the gym and ate like literal garbage. There isn’t any excuse to be made, I’m putting the blame all on me.

But for once, I am decently happy with what I see in the mirror’s reflection, but I’m not someone who just settles for mediocrity. I strive to be the best form of myself daily and gosh darn it, why is it so hard to stay consistently motivated?! I feel as if I’m losing a grip of my weight loss goals and I need to hunker down and refocus on why I even started this fitness journey. I might look my best in years, but deep down, I’m struggling to find that fire and to keep it consistently burning.

Cardio has been such a delightful addition to my routine and I intend on throwing more in my September split. In fact, we’ve upped the fun to four times a week! The good lord knows I don’t need to work out my booty gains any more, so instead we’re overhauling and finally facing our demons: this tummy. I would rather be tortured than deliberately work out my ab muscles, but that’s why I’ve ended up in this predicament.

Here’s a look at the weekly schedule 📅

  • Sunday: 30 minute ‘run’ | 15 minute booty
  • Monday: 30 minutes cardio | 30 minute abs
  • Tuesday: 30 minute chest & back | 15 minute legs
  • Wednesday: 30 minute cardio | 30 minute abs
  • Thursday: 30 minute arms | 15 minute total body
  • Friday: 45 minute cardio
  • Saturday: Active recovery (30 minute yoga) or rest

I’m hoping with the addition of both cardio/sweat sessions and abs will help spearhead the (lack of) progress and I can make some serious headway for the remainder of the year.

As I mentioned, I’ve been struggling to find my fire and keep it lit. I feel like there’s not nearly enough hours in a day and I’m strongly contemplating of making a schedule switch. For the first week of the month, I’m going to try the gym before work and see if truly helps with my workload and motivation. If it works out well, I’ll continue it for the month and if it doesn’t, then I have to find a Plan B.

📌 Here are my goals for September. If I cross off every single day on my calendar AND hit these goals, I will allow myself to buy a Yeti water bottle I’ve been eyeballing:

  • Lose 3-5 pounds
  • Build up running endurance to run to complete rotation of 1:30 minute run | 45 second walk for 30 minutes

⬇️📽Watch my September Workout Split video below (& don’t forget to subscribe!) 📽⬇️

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