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Name one thing you never leave your home without. The one thing that’s glued to us and we might go completely mental if we ever lost it: Your smart phone!

It’s no secret that I’ve recently been bit by the wanderlust bug and I have been itching to explore the world and share it with my friends, family and whoever follows this blog! Even though my boyfriend and I have several trips in the hopper, I don’t have a ton of extra money to splurge and buy a fancy-schmancy camera to capture all of our adventures.

While doing some recent soul-searching, I figured why not just enhance the one thing I always have with me: my iPhone. Instead of spending a ton of money on a camera that will weigh us down, why not spend a few extra dollars on things to amplify an already fairly decent camera in your pocket.

First off, it’s important to note that I film everything on my iPhone 8 and use iMovie to edit my videos. For the past year-and-a-half, I have managed to create, run and promote this website and my YouTube channel strictly from my phone! If you’re ever been interested in dabbling with content creation/vlogging, there’s really zero need in investing in expensive equipment when you can suffice with any smart phone.

Here’s the products that I’ve purchased to help enhance my cinematography game:

** Slight disclaimer: In all honesty, I really haven’t had an opportunity to test out each product to confirm these were solid investments. Based on my research and basic knowledge of the products, I can only assume that these investments will be worthwhile. I guess time will be the ultimate test when I start pumping content out for future Travel with Me’s!

13.3-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar

Doesn’t it normally seem to be the case that the very second you mention something, the opposite comes to fruition? Case in point, I had mentioned to a friend that my 8-year old MacBook Pro was still in great working condition. That very weekend, it started to fritz out on me because of battery swelling.

I had been on the market for a new computer for a while, simply because I just wanted something new and shiny, but my better judgement (and wallet) told me to wait. I am someone who takes a lot of time, consideration and a load of research when it comes to making any sort of purchase, let alone a computer that will cost me a small fortune! After making an appearance at my local Apple Store to try out some models, the super informative salesperson talked me into what would be the best option for my needs: the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar.

He explained that not only is TouchBar a really cool feature on the computers that makes shortcutting a breeze, it will help ten-fold when it comes to photo-editing and video making. Since the technology is still relatively new, he also explained that it will open more features as developers create new uses for it.

In the past, I’ve always done it all from my iPhone simply because I never utilized iCloud to its full potential. Since setting up the computer to my standards, editing has become a dream and I am obsessed with just how easy it is. This helps clear space on my phone, allowing me to capture as much of our adventures as I can. Plus, it’s lightweight, easy to use on the go and the battery life is impressive for how many bells and whistles it has.

Moment Wide Lens (Plus Case

Ever since picking up this wide lens, I have been obsessed with it. (So much in fact, it’s made a Faves video!) Photography 101 shows us that having a few different lenses can help elevate your photographs’ composition, so why can’t the same be said for our smart phones?

This lens is heavy-duty and doesn’t feel cheap or jenky, thanks to the fact it’s made out of aerospace grade metal (yeah science!). It attaches perfectly to the corresponding case and transforms your phone into a great quality camera. The wide lens helps capture two times more of the setting, which in hand changes the stories you tell. Sometimes with wide lenses, it has that distorted fish eye feel, but this one makes everything look more crisp and clear.

It also comes with a lens cover and microfiber travel bag, so rest assured that it won’t get scratched or dinged up while in transit. Moment has a few different lenses to offer, such as superfish and macro, and all can be attached using the Moment phone case. Picking up a few isn’t a bad investment because each helps capture a different kind of vibe.

mophie juice pack air & mophie powerstation

I get serious anxiety anytime my phone drops below a certain percentage and I’m without a charger. How did we ever live in a world where we didn’t have to worry about battery life?!

Even though most places are awesome and have USB charging stations, I always like to be prepared and have my own battery supply. If I know I’m going to be spending extended periods of time away from an outlet (because Greyhound bus outlets never seem to work when I need them to), I make sure that I charge up my juice air pack because it gives you 100% extra battery life. While it charges, it charges both your device and the case so you’re never left with a dead phone.

Since I’m neurotic and like to rest assured, I also travel with my mophie powerstation, which is an universal battery that charges all your devices. It has enough power to charge up an iPhone twice, or you can charge a friend’s phone because it has two USB ports. This is something I always keep with me, even when I’m not traveling.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

I watch a lot of travel channels and I often wondered how the heck do they get such clear, clean transitions while panning over a scene?! While doing my research, I discovered a product that I never would have imagined investing in: a gimbal.

A gimbal takes away the element of human and gets rid of the shakiness of holding a phone by hand. It acts like a tripod and helps keep the phone stable while panning around and absorbing all of the world’s surroundings.

I’ve used handheld tripods in the past, but I always felt uncomfortable with them since they’re basically a simplified selfie stick. This has more girth than my cheap tripod and all of the controls are on the base of the stabilizer, so everything’s within easy navigation. It also has a tripod stand at the bottom, so now we can get some cool shots of the two of us without having to ask a stranger for a helping hand.

Kyndley Insulated Backpack

What’s the good of having all this gear if you don’t have anywhere to safely store it?! A backpack with plenty of compartments is a must-have while traveling.

With our upcoming trip to Iceland, we have a lot of excursions planned that will require us to be away from our hotel for extended periods of time. Since it’s crazy expensive to eat in Iceland, we had planned on grocery shopping prior and bringing food with us on our excursions. Instead of investing in a cooler, I discovered Kyndley and their insulated backpacks, perfect for stocking up on snacks and PB&J’s.

This backpack has a TON of space, besides the insulated cooler. It has a 25-liter storage compartment and the 17-liter cooler, with 5 pockets to store all sorts of gear. It also is reinforced with stitching, has durable zippers and shoulder pads for comfort. It’s also leakproof and we plan on doubling up on this feature post-Blue Lagoon with our wet swimsuits.

I especially love these backpacks because they’re from a small start-up company based out of California and their Instagram promotes some serious wanderlust.

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