stitch fix unboxing: september ’18

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It’s (almost) fall, y’all. 🍂

With the change of seasons, my closet and I are starting to get ready by pulling out those cozy sweaters, jackets and vests that complete an outfit and all around fall attire. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the crisp of the air and dressing myself for the season, so I am beyond ecstatic to see what my stylist Caitlin picked in this Fix, especially because I can fully enjoy and celebrate all the fall festivities I have planned!

As much as I should be happy with this realization, I think it might be time to recalculate my measurements and resize my clothing preferences. A lot of these pieces seemed almost too baggy and non-fitted (which in hand made me feel frumpy and dumpy) and the pants were almost offensive when it came to the back-gap. I’m a little apprehensive if I bite the bullet and size down, simply because a lot of Stitch Fix’s pieces are boutique-sized, but it might be a consideration for next month.

This month’s Fix is more on the budget-friendly side, coming in at a total of $163.75 with the Buy All discount and the $20 styling fee. A lot of the pieces air on the side of casual, which isn’t a major problem, but I would have preferred more items that I could rock from office to happy hour.

I did request Caitlin to send me a pair of booties. Booties are a fall time staple and I often struggle to find any kind of cute and comfortable shoes. To be fair, I’m not like most girls and don’t gag over footwear, besides the occasional sneaker, so I’d leave this to my stylist.

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 15th Fix:

Kaileigh | Perla Knot Front Knit Top in XL | $40

The more I experiment with Stitch Fix, the more I’m willing to venture out of my comfort zone. For me, this means grabbing colors I wouldn’t ever dream of, like purples (that’s been evidence in the past few Fixes!) and pinks.

On the style card I received, this top looked more of a rose shade and when I pulled it out of the package, I was a little disappointed that it was more mauve. I think it’s a gorgeous shade as is and a perfect change-up for the fall season, but it just wasn’t what I was anticipating.

Another strike against this top is that it’s a v-neck cut (which I’ve never been a fan of because of my un-proportionate cleavage), and the positioning of where the knot falls on my body. I own a few similar knotted tops, but those don’t fall right at my belly button, focusing all of the attention at my most self-conscious area!

Caitlin suggested this with an off-white duster cardigan, distressed jeans and a pair of booties for brunch out, or a pair of black floral palazzo pants with hints of the mauve shade and gladiator sandals for date night.

Diba | Sandra Suede Bootie in size 9 | $79

This was my one request this month. Booties are an essential staple in any fall wardrobe and I have been hankering for a new, reliable pair. (No discredit to my booties I bought at Payless nearly four years ago because those suckers got me through a lot of day trips in snowy New England, a three-day stay in Nashville and countless trips to the mall!)

Caitlin really nailed what I envisioned for a pair of booties. These are a sturdy shoe that doesn’t feel as if they’ll be ruined within a few months. The heel length and suede make them a perfect addition for my fall fashion, but the only issue I have with them is the fact they’re in grey. I should have specified that I was looking for more of brown/tan, but it opened my eyes to another option down the road.

If I currently had more options in my closet to pair them with, these would have been a no-brainer to keep, but I felt very limited to what I could wear them with. Light colored shoes make me nervous because of wear and tear and for the price point, I would rather wait for something I really want.

Andrew Marc Performance | Annwin Cut Out Knit Top in XL | $38

There’s nothing more chic and put-together than the color  black: it goes with literally anything, makes you look thinner and never goes out of style. No matter the season, I always find myself gravitating towards black. I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.

On a first impression, I didn’t think a whole lot about this top. It seemed like your basic black long-sleeve top with some fun back design. But when I tried it on, it became that and so much more. It was lightweight, soft and insanely comfortable. Even though it was a little big, I love the flow of it. This is something that’s definitely more casual, but I don’t think it’d be totally inappropriate to wear it to the office with a skirt.

Side note: I already have it mentally packed in my suitcase for upcoming trips. Why wouldn’t you want something cozy while on those long flights?!

Let it be our little secret that it’s actually a performance top. (Hi athleisure👋🏼).  Caitlin suggested pairing it with a camel suede skirt, leopard flats and a jean jacket or with a pair of black jeans and orange mules.

Tinsel | Casia Frayed Hem Chino Pant in size 16 | $50

While the leaves are beginning to fall, it’s time to overhaul the colors of our closet. Although burgundies, firey oranges and mustard yellows come to the forefront of our minds, why not a gorgeous hunter green?

I am obsessed with the color of these chino pants, however, I could really do without the distressed hem. Even though that is literally the entire point of these pants, I felt they looked too casual and didn’t do a whole lot for my figure. The pockets in the front made my lower stomach look bigger than it really is and the cut was not forgiving.

But most importantly, it’s time to sit down and have the conversation with myself: It’s officially time to size down. For months, I’ve been battling with the dreaded back gap and enough is enough. I’ve officially made the changes for my future Fix and have dropped to a size 14. I should be elated, but I’m more irritated because I JUST bought new pants 😂.

These can be paired with a blue sweater and leather jacket for an office look, or a pink floral peasant top for a romantic vibe.

Emory Park | Dulce 3/4 Sleeve Cross Front Knit Top in XL | $38

Like the color black, I don’t think that there’s a more chic/simplistic style than black and white stripe. Need something for the office? Black and white. Date night? Black and white. Your girlfriend calls you up for bottomless mimosas? Black and white!

This is what I refer to as a comfort piece: You can never go wrong with a black and white striped top because it fits the theme for literally anything. However, I am someone who already owns two shirts almost identical to this and realize that it’s time to step out of the comfort zone. As much as I loved this, I needed to be real with myself and notice it was a little too big and that I simply don’t need it right now.

Don’t pack those white jeans away just yet, because you can pair this top with them and a denim jacket or pull out another striped skirt (heavier focused on the black with white stripes).

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